Arbequina olive oil from the most cultivated olives!

Arbequina olive oil is one of the greatest olives produced in Spain. In Spain there is more than two hundreds two types of olives are available though those are not produced regularly. Only forty four types of olives are produced regularly. Arbequina olive is one of them. The oil produced from this type of olive is very popular. Arbequina olive oil is used for different purposes in our daily life.  Arbequina olive oil “src=

In the total production of olives produced in the Spain the Arbequina olive is produced more than 75%. This is the most cultivated olives in the world. Spanish company distributes Arbequina olive oil all most all the area of Mediterranean areas. The special climate as well as the soil gives this Arbequina olive as well as the Arbequina olive oil the special characteristics.  This Arbequina olive originated from the area in Lerida. It is cultivated more than 45000 hectares in the Lerida, Zaragoza and Tarragona.

The size of the Arbequina olive is oval. It has low ration of flesh and stone. The average size of this olive is 1.9 grams.  Because of this small size it is very hard to harvest automatically. Though having this problem Arbequina olive is produced in a very large amount as this olive is able to produce huge amount of oil. You will get more than 20.5% of oil from this Arbequina olive. So producer get a lot of Arbequina olive oil extracting little amount of olives.

Arbequina olive oil contains a very high level of linoleic acid and as a result it contains an oxidation.  So you have to store this oil in a cool and dark place. It is better to consume this olive oil as early as possible. The Arbequina olive oil is much dense and watery and taste like orchard fruits.

The harvesting process of Arbequina olive   is easy as the size of trees is very low. So you will be able to pick up fruits by your hand. The Arbequina olive oil is normally fruity, buttery. This oil has low level of polyphones which leads the shorter life of this Arbequina olive oil. Though there is a huge profits cultivating this Arbequina olive but the production normally hamper because of climate variation, like drought problem. Arbequina olive tress is able to cope with different situation of climates. But you will get the best production as well as best Arbequina olive oil in the hot, long and dry summers.

Arbequina olive oil is one of the best olive oils available in the market. Though it is very rich with linoleic it is not referred for cooking. This oil is better uncooked. Because this olive oil aromatic ingredient is very much volatile. It is better to take this Arbequina olive oil with salads, grill fish or body massage. This oil is very sensitive. If you want to buy this oil for using tries to utilize it as soon as possible. If you store more than one year the quality of this Arbequina olive oil will be degraded.

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