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Eggplants and Onions with Cretan sauce Olive Oil Recipe

Nature is the most exciting, obscure and splendid thing in the cosmos. Trees are one of the ways to see the nature. Olive is one of them and belongs to the Mediterranean Basin. Olive has various uses but olive oil is the exemplary benefit for the society. It is not only useful in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and soaps but also as a fuel for traditional oil lamps. The most common use is in cooking. Olive oil recipes are versatile in nature. Now, if you are looking for some olive oil recipes then keep on reading this article.
Olive oil recipe is one of the delicious vegetable cum olive oil recipe dishes. The vegetable olive oil recipe is ambrosial in food word. It takes around 45 minutes to make this dish enough for four persons. Let us starts this olive oil recipe with the ingredients. What you need is 4 eggplants, 2 onions finely chopped, a pinch of nutmeg, 100 grams (half cup) Gaea Cretan Sauce, salt, freshly ground pepper, 2 tbsp. rosemary finely chopped and ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil.
It’s time to learn the procedure of this olive oil recipe. First of all finely dice the washed eggplants then sauté onions in a medium size sauce-pot. Continue sautéing while adding the eggplants. Next is to add tomato, nutmeg, salt and pepper and cook over high heat until eggplants are tender and liquid is absorbed. Sauce comes next to mix and cook over low heat for 5 minutes. Finally do the seasoning and sprinkle rosemary over eggplants. I hope you like this olive oil recipe. Enjoy like an epicure with your eggplants and onions with Cretan sauce.
If you have taste for meats and poultry then Lamb Chops Calabrese is a perfect dish for you among various olive oil recipes. For lamb chops Calabrese-olive oil recipe for 4 persons, you can quickly finish the job in 30 minutes. What you require to make lamb chops Calabrese is half cup extra virgin olive oil, 750 gram lamb chops, 6 tomatoes, 100 gram green olives, Parsley, 1 onion, 1 green pepper, 1 yellow pepper, and some salt & pepper. Its time to learn how to cook delicious lamb chops Calabrese! The very first step is to heat olive oil in a saucepan. Add chopped onion with parsley, peppers, peeled-sliced tomatoes, olives, and some salt & pepper and cook for 15 minutes. Sauté in another pan with oil and then pass the chops to pan with the vegetables. Make the taste suitable with salt and pepper. Cook for 5 minutes. Nestle and please with your appetizing Lamb Chops Calabrese.
After learning vegetable and meat dishes, let’s enjoy some delicious dessert olive oil recipe. Chocolate Chantilly is sapid dessert with the simplest ingredients. If you are a chocolate fan then get ready to note down the ingredients of yummy olive oil recipe-Chocolate Chantilly: 2 tablespoon extra virgin oil with 200 grams 70% chocolate, chopped ¾ cup water fleur de sel.

In order to prepare the Chocolate Chantilly, take a small heavy-bottom pot and fill it with chocolate and water. Put the pot over medium-low heat and stir the mixture till it gets smooth. Transfer chocolate mixture to a high-sided metal bowl. Put the bowl in a larger bowl filled with ice and water. Next beat the chocolate mixture for 5 minutes, till it gets thick and glossy (you can use electric beater for this). This olive oil recipe provides you the texture of butter cream icing. Third step is to immediately scoop chocolate mixture into quenelles using 2 large soup spoons and transfer Chocolate Chantilly on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Refrigerate according to the need. Mizzle some Bitter Orange olive oil (Biolea Nerantzi) over it and a pinch of fleur de sel for the perfect chocolate orange taste.
In the end, if you are starving after reading scrumptious olive oil recipes then go and enjoy eggplants and onions with Cretan sauce, Lamb chops Calabrese and rejoices with mouthwatering olive oil recipe, Chocolate Chantilly.

Olive Oil for Hair tips

Are you annoyed by your hair fall problem? Are you one of those persons who have terrible problems with hairs? Do you really understand the beauty and importance of your hairs? If you do then this article can surely help you to solve your problems. The solution is hidden in Olive oil for hair. Olive oil for hair makes your hairs perfect. Olive oil is extracted from olives that belong to Mediterranean Basin. Before learning how to exactly use olive oil for your hairs, let’s understand the potential Olive oil has for hair nourishment.
In order to understand how olive oil for hair prevents the hair loss, let us see the reaolive oil for hairsons of hair loss. People lose hairs, when a hormone called dihydrotestosterone shrinks the hair follicle shaft. Olive oil for hair makes the hormone production more controlled. Moreover, the overall health of the scalp also gets better by Olive oil for hair usage. Healthy scalp means healthy hairs. This is because of the in situ conditioner properties of olive oil to add moisture to the scalp. Olive oil not only has a potential to reduce your hair loss but it also makes your hairs look soft and shiny. Olive oil for hair also has antibacterial and anti-fugal properties. It means it helps you to fight against common scalp and hair problems. For instance, one can resist well against head lice and dandruff by proper use of olive oil on scalp. The bonus point is olive oil is not likely to cause an allergic reaction, making it ideal for sensitive skin and hair.
It is clear that olive oil for hair has a great potential for your hair growth but it is also important to learn the correct methodology in order to increase the efficacy. Indeed olive oil for hair provides the necessary nutrients for your hairs to grow well. The right way is to just pour a small amount of olive oil in your palms and massage it into your scalp, gently, and continue down to the end of your strands. For approximately a half hour after your hair is coated, keep your hair wrapped with a damp towel or shower cap in order to give it time to soak into the scalp and hair itself. Be sure to wash and condition your hair after the treatment as you normally would. In order to make it perfect, here are the few tips that help you to do so:

First tip is to stimulate and soothe your scalp by olive oil hair. Massage your hair and scalp gently and firmly with Olive oil for hair to galvanize and strengthen your hair. In addition, find a shampoo that contains olive oil for hair. Your shampoo selection is important for you hair health and growth. Shampoo enriched with olive oil furnish and replenish your hairs making them look panache. One important tip is to condition your hairs with olive oil treatments. Another thing people do is to use a drop of olive oil to fight the frizz. Put very small amount of olive oil in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and then pass your fingers through your hairs to make them enviably shine.
In short the problem of hair loss, hair thinning, dandruff and the like can easily be cured by adequate use of Olive oil for hair. So what are you waiting for? Start applying the above techniques and use olive oil for hair to replenish your hairs making them invigorate and panache.