Baena olive oil – Exceptionally well-balanced

Baena olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil and its fruit is golden yellow to greenish yellow. This virgin olive oil is extracted from specific varieties Picudo. In terms of acidity, Baena olive oil is classified into two types. In the type ‘A’ olive oil, the maximum amount of acidity is 0.4%. This olive oil is fruity aroma and little bit almond in taste. In the type ‘B’ olive oil, the maximum amount of olive oil is 1%. This olive oil tastes like ripe fruit and sweet. Baena olive grows in plenty in South-eastern Cordoba. If people travel this area to visit the olive trees, they will find the trees quite uniform.

Baena olive oil museum is situated on more than eight hundred square m. of land and the Museum house is accommodated in a two-story building. The oil producing county of Cordoba is Baena. Under the denomination of Baena (Cordoba), there are two types: first one is with bitter almond and sweet taste. Second one is with ripe fruity taste. Olive oil of Baena olive oil is famous for its high quality and low acidity level of 1%. In Spain, Cordoba is famous for producing huge amount of olive oil and more than 37,000 hectares of olive trees are cultivated. Here, the olive trees are cultivated under traditional methods or mechanical methods. Baena olive oil

In Spain, Origin Denomination method is used to cultivate quality olive oil, so that the origin of the product remains same. The local characteristics of Baena olive oil is separated based on farming, production techniques, tradition, processing and geographic location. Origin Denominations have regulatory council which controls the quality and standards. It also ensures demanded requirements in the Baena olive oil sold.

In Phoenician era, the cultivation as well as processing of olive oil started in Spain. Phoenicians cultivated olive tree first in Greek Island and about 3,000 years ago they brought olive tree to Spanish coast. But Romans were the first to use olive oil as medicinal product. Prestigious chefs of Rome also used Baena olive oil recipe for arranging gourmet dishes. After the scientists analyzed olive oil in the laboratory, people became fully aware of the health attributes of it. People can easily take Baena olive oil for its health attributes.Baena olive oil

Baena olive oil possessed numerous properties and it is one of the reasons of the olive oil sales increase in Spain. Calcium absorption and bone growth are stimulated by consuming olive oil. Virgin olive oil decreases the level of bad cholesterol in the body, but the good cholesterol level will not be hampered. Baena olive oil production and extraction are completed in several stages. First, the olive fruits are picked from the trees, and then labors take them to mills. In the mill building labors remove all the dirt from the olives and make sure to clean the fruits completely. In the grinding process the paste is prepared from the pulps taken from olives. When the paste is put in the hydraulic press, the oil is extracted from the paste. To get pure oil, water must be removed from the oil and then the oil should be stored in containers.

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