Best quality olive oil depends olives maturity

Best quality olive oil cannot be found all around the world. Spanish olive oils are considered as best quality olive oil. The quality of olive oils differs. Maturity of olives, time of harvest, after harvesting process etc all this affects the quality of olive oils. Maturity stages of olive oil are classified in to three levels. They are immature or the green olive, veraion olive, and mature or the black olive.  Best quality olive oil

Green or the immature olive oil are those which are quite firm and green in their color. The olive oil produced from these green olives are grassy as well as bitter than the other olive oils. This oil have vegetative characteristics. Oil from these immature olives are considered as best quality olive oil because it is very high in polyphenols which is anti oxidants and other components of flavor. This oil is bitter and spicy and have natural preservatives. So oil produced from the immature olives is free from any artificial preservatives. It is good for health. The amount of the chlorophyll content is very high in this oil so that it looks greener. All these beneficial features make this oil one of the best quality olive oil. It is true that the amount of the oil extract from these olives is low as the oil holding vacuoles in the olives cells cannot be trusted easily. This makes this olive oil costly.

The veraion is the second level of maturity of olives. In this stage the olives turns yellow green from green and become soften and also the skin of olives turns red purple. And it then started to show the characteristics of ripe fruit. This stage is called veraion. In this stage olives also contains a very high level of A. Oil produces from this oils are also considered as one of the best quality olive oil. At this stage oil become less bitter and less pungency. People who loves light tasted oil they can try this. There are a lot of brands oil available which are considered as best quality olive oil. like, Rincon de la Subbetica, Venta el Baron, Aldea Don Gil, Melgarejo Seleccion Gourmet, Fuenroble, etc.

The last stage of maturity of olive oil is the black one. When the olives matures more than the skin of olives become black from purple. Although all types of olives don’t get black. The flesh of olives also becomes dark. Oil produced from these olives are not best quality olive oil. The level of polyphenol as well as chhorophy11 become very low. And the amount of carotenoid increase. The oil produced form this late harvest is golden more in their color, less pungent, less bitter and a very short expiry date. This olive oil is considered as sweet oils.

There is a significant effect on the characteristics of olive oils and the quality of the olive oil. The best quality olive oil comes from the mature to red ripe stage. The last harvest of the olives is not only produce less bitter, less spicy oil but also these olives are easily destroyed. So that cause loss to the farmer and the quality of the olive oils. In a word, there are many things to consider having best quality olive oil it is not an easy process.

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