Blended Olive Oil-mixed of different types of olive oil

Blended Olive OilBlended olive oil in most of the supermarket products of olive oil are the blend of olive oil from different varieties, countries and regions. Blended olive oil has its own appeal to people for the stability of taste as well as quality. The taste and flavor of olive oil of the same orchard or grove can be changed for various reasons including weather. Blenders have been trained for mixing the olive oil from different sources. In this Olive Oil, the quality remains almost the same as the ingredients are taken from separate paces. Blending a high quality olive oil with several average quality oils does not give guarantee of a high quality olive oil mixture.

In blended olive oil, sometimes the blenders mix vegetable or canola oils to make it better for cooking purpose in high temperature. But in time of labeling the products for marketing, workers must state the mixture on the label. Some deceitful people mix hazelnut oil in blended olive oil to get higher profit. Hazelnut oil is cheap and available to buy from the market difficult to detect after mixing with olive oil. Mixed olive oil never gives surety about the characteristics of any specific olive oil brand. But the buyers can be sure of the same attributed of the oil each time they buy.

For getting blended olive oil, olive oil is taken from different olive varieties. Single variety olive oil has strong flavor and color that are not fully suitable for cooking but, blended olive oil is perfect for baking as well as cooking purpose. Because, in cooking the oil must put over deep heat and keep for a longtime. But the flavor and color of unique olive oil can be changed in the time of frying. After blending several types of olive oil together, the olive oil becomes lighter. Light olive oil has consistent flavor and color with ability to tolerate deep taste.

Blended Olive OilBlended olive oil is not produced under the control of the Denomination of Origin and the regulatory committee. As extra virgin olive oil is of high quality, but blended olive oil is the mixture of different olive oils and the quality is not higher. Regulatory committee does not allow all of the olives to be included in the extraction of extra virgin olive oil. But all types of olives including the olives fell on the ground. So the quality of this mixed olive oil is not ensured.

Blended olive oil has its own market segment of customers and it is kept differentiated in the supermarkets for its customers. If customers ask about the quality of this olive oil, at least it can be said that blended olive oil is not the worst quality olive oil. The variety of this mixed olive oil is not unique but both high and low quality varieties have contribution. Collecting from various places the olive oil is mixed together. But sometimes, different varieties of the same farm can make the mixed olive oil after combined together.

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