Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oil: transparent and clear olive oil

Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oilDel Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oil is extracted from fully fresh olives of three different varieties. Morrut, Farga, and Sevillenca are the three varieties and this three are native varieties from which the olive oil is extracted using mechanical methods. All of the characteristics including the aroma, flavor and taste of the Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oil remain same. This olive oil clear, transparent and there is no cloudiness. The location and harvesting season of the olives can make some changes in the color in the olive oil. Golden yellow and greenish yellow are two different color variations of this olive oil.

At the beginning of the harvesting season, Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oil remains very much aromatic and flavorsome. But, at the finishing edge of the harvesting season, the taste becomes sweeter. The maximum amount of acidity in this olive oil is recorded 0.8%. This amount of acid is not fatty acid, it’s just oleic acid. In, Spain farmers plant this olive trees keeping balanced density. Generally 70-80 olive trees are allowed in per hectare. Traditional method of growing olive trees is common for these olive trees. For easy harvesting and fruit supervising farmers use pruning method. Another privilege of pruning method is it helps to remove old wood from the olive trees. Taking good care of the olives will ensure good quality Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oil.

For the harvesting method, farmers use milking method so that they can manually pick up the fruits from the trees. After picking up the fruits from the trees, they are taken to the mills for extraction. Plastic crates are used to carry the fruits. When the fruits are fully ripen, then the farmers pickup them. All the ways of this process, workers always remains very cautious for keeping the Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oil quality unchanged. In the mill, the olives are classified into batches for differentiating the quality. After picking up the olives from the trees, the olives will be taken into the crusher within 48 hours to keep the Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oil quality up for the customers.

Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oilWhen the Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oil extraction is completed, in five liters pots will be used for packaging. The climate of this place is Mediterranean. Average temperature and mild winter are very much helpful for perfect growing of these olives. This climate increases the speed of ripening the olives and this area also has worldwide reputation for growing olives. Modern treatment and techniques are used for developing Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oil quality.

Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oil is cultivated from the olives of the oldest olive growing place of the world. In the province of Tarragona, more than 48,000 hectares of land is engaged in Del Baix Ebre-Montsià olive oil producing. Mode of production can affect the taste and quality of the olive oil. Sometimes shaking down method is used for taking all the olive down from the trees of the orchards.

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