Del Bajo Aragón olive oil-extracted from flat area olive trees

DEL BAJO ARAGÓN olive oilDel Bajo Aragón olive oil is a virgin olive oil extracted from fresh olives of three different varieties. Royal, Arbequina and Empeltre are the three varieties and Arbequina has the contribution of almost 80%. Usually this olive oil is yellow color and this color can be turned into dark gold. At the beginning of the season, the taste of olive oil is fruity and at the last of the season sweetness appears. The maximum acidity amount in Del Bajo Aragón olive oil is 1.00%. This olive grows in groves that are registered by the authority. Some of the groves are included in irrigation sector and some are not. Several brands of this olive oil are Castillo, Melgarejo, and so on.

To prepare for cultivating the olive trees in the land they are ploughed with cultivator and before plantation, the ground should be leveled. Application of nitrogen as fertilizer must be less than 1 kg per tree. When the trees will arrive at their young stage, pruning is very much important. The ratio between wood and leaf should be balanced. After ripening, the olives are picked up from the trees directly with great care so that the Del Bajo Aragón olive oil quality may not alter. Vareo is the traditional harvesting method that is used in picking up the olives. After picking up the olives from the trees, they are taken to the mills within 48 hours to extract quality Del Bajo Aragón olive oil.

When the olives are received at the mills, the olives are classified according to the physical condition, level of ripeness and variety of the olives. After cleaning, washing as well as weighing olives are taken to grinding chamber. After grinding process finished, olives paste is separated from the oil. After extracting the Del Bajo Aragón olive oil, the oil is checked to remove any solid object. Centrifugation and decantation are two processes used to check the olive oil. Then this Del Bajo Aragón olive oil is transferred to the storage house, where the packaging or bottling process will be finished.

DEL BAJO ARAGÓN olive oilCoated cardboards, PET and glass are sued in packaging procedure. Usually for packaging, always opaque materials suggested to protect the Del Bajo Aragón olive oil from direct sunlight. The land of growing this olive oil is flat with chalky soil. The influence of Atlantic and Mediterranean can change the climate of this place to extreme condition. Weather can also make changes in the quality, taste and color of this Del Bajo Aragón olive oil.

Turkish doctors suggest olive oil for using like the moisturizing cream as vegetable wax, water and olive oil mixture can be turned into refreshing cream. In this case the time and type of the cream can determine the exact type of mixture. If raw Del Bajo Aragón olive oil is applied on the skin, then our skin will be naturally attractive, soft and light. Menthol, Vaseline and olive oil mixture is the best paste for moisturizing the hand skins. Thousands years ago people believed that Del Bajo Aragón olive oil massage can relax nerves and muscles.

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