First harvest olive oil – Pure Mountain Olive Oil

Early harvest olive oil Early harvest olive oil is very popular as first harvest olive oil is obtained from the olives which are harvested early or before winter for. Olive fruits that reach their full-sized in the drop but may be fully mature from natural green to black until delayed winter. The green olive fruits have little bit less oil; bitterness is more and may be greater in polyphenols. Thing is the first harvest olive oil carries the original flavor and aroma of the green olives.

This first harvest olive oil could be more costly because this oil takes more olive fruits for making one bottle of extra virgin early harvest olive oil. Most of the people like peppery as well as bitter quality fall early harvest olive oil. Taste notes of green, grass, natural leaf, strong, astringent are generally used for explaining the fall early harvest olive oil. Just because of greater polyphenols plus anti-oxidants, the first harvest olive oil has long life expectancy and is combined with delayed harvest oil to develop the shelf life.

Early harvest olive oil This extra virgin first harvest olive oil is produced totally from natural green olive fruits that the farmers collect from their olive groves in October. This early harvest olive oilis rich in chlorophyll what describes its natural green color as well as grassy taste. This first harvest olive oil is well healthy, solid but with artichoke-grassy complete. The reason is natural green olives do not contain extra virgin early harvest olive oilmore; it is certainly more costly to generate. Perfect on the mozzarella dairy products, for the brochette or clean on the sea foods, it will surely emphasize any dish the chief want to decorate or prepare. This fall harvest extra virgin early harvest olive oilis accessible in low quantity.

The first harvest olive oil has been especially harvested at early period of the maturity of olive fruits in order to capture complete fruity flavor and taste. The olive fruits are usually delivered and progressed in around 24- 36 hours just after harvesting them to guarantee the early harvest olive oilquality. Utilizing the latest 2 phase method uses low amount water in processing therefore retaining much polyphenols, minerals and vitamins. This process of removal is actually carried out by confirming low temperatures. This processing system is known as the first cold pressing or if the process is with latest machineries then it is called first cold processing. When the first harvest olive oil has been removed, then this is stored and settled in the temperature that is controlled by the stainless steel tank. These tanks are specially designed for expelling oxygen to maximize freshness, quality and to prolong the shelf life. Fall Harvest has magnificent grassy aroma, totally fruity flavor with balanced compound peppery bitter finish.

The first harvest olive oil is mainly pushed during the starting of the collection year when the olive fruits are still natural or greenery or has converted into a light violet. This early harvest olive oilwhich is pushed from the natural green olive fruits has extreme flavor or aroma notes, as well as is normally greater in the anti-oxidants. The farmers have canned the first harvest olive oil at source. They do it for making sure that the olive quality, flavor and the health advantages come to the customers just the same way they have pressed them.

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