Herb-infused olive oil –mixture of herbs with olive oil

Herb-infused olive oilHerb-infused olive oil is perfect for adding different types of flavors in food items and this olive oil is light. In cooking, normal olive oil cannot be used as the cooking needs deep heat and frying. Regular olive oil will lose its flavor as well as color; even can be harmful for human body. But, Herb-infused olive oil can tolerate heat and will increase the taste as well as flavor of the meal. If anyone wants to make this infused olive oil in the home that is easy. Mixing the herbs with infused olive oil is not safe at home and all the safety measures must be taken before starting the process.

Before mixing the olive oil, you must collect a bottle having very tight cover. Two types of bottle covers are available including normal cover and cork stopper. For preparing Herb-infused olive oil, cork stopper is safer. Hot water and soap are needed for sterilizing the pot and then should be kept in air for evaporating the water. Oregano, basil, sage, rosemary and thyme are some of the herbs are commonly used for preparing Herb-infused olive oil. How you will use the oil after infusing, this will determine the type of herbs. In infused olive oil, only one type of olive oil is used, but the flavor can be according to your choice after blending.

Herb-infused olive oilBefore using the herbs in the olive oil, they must be dried well in the sun and air. But, fresh herbs can be used after drying over the fire keeping on cookie sheet. The heat should be low, when drying the herbs. But, the water must be finished before keeping the herbs and oil together. Otherwise, bacteria will be formed coming in contact with the water of the bottle. For preparing Herb-infused olive oil anyone can directly mix the olive oil with herbs. But better option is to take the mixture of herbs and olive oil for slight cooking. Keep heating for a little time will help the mixture to become perfect and prevent the growth of bacteria in Herb-infused olive oil.

For increasing the appetizing look of the food item, Herb-infused olive oil must be kept on the fire. Before putting on the heat, the ingredients of this olive oil must be dried to remove any bacteria from the instruments. For giving herb flavor, safflower and sunflower are perfect choice and keeping the whole amount in a single pot, the cover must be closed tightly.  The herbs of Herb-infused olive oil will increase the flavor and taste of the olives.

The flavor of the Herb-infused olive oil is completely dependent on the season. The best use of this infusion is within one week of refrigerating the mixture together. Before adding oil to the herbs, do not forget to clean those with water and removing the water as well from the herbs. In the commercial outlets of food supply, you will find vinegar to add in Herb-infused olive oil. Vinegar is the best solution against bacteria.

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