Light Olive Oil available with pale color and less flavor

Light olive oil Light olive oil is extracted from olives that are not allowed for extracting extra virgin olive oil. So it is very clear that in terms of quality, this olive oil is less pure than virgin olive oil. Later this olive oil is refined using chemical, thermal, mechanical and other methods to make it ready for consumption. But, there are some problems with this refined olive oil. The color and taste of light olive oil can be changed and low. Sometimes, high quality extra virgin olive oil is mixed with this olive oil to make it tasty as well as attractive to customers. When high quality olive oil is mixed with this olive oil, the flavor and color become changed to some extent. In this stage this olive reaches in such a stage that is not wastage olive oil or high quality virgin olive oil. Rather the quality is light and thus keeping its name upheld. In some cases different types of oils are mixed in this oil including canola oil and vegetable oil.

Light olive oil People can develop a question about the difference of extra virgin high quality olive oil and this light olive oil. The main similarity is that both of these are extracted from olive oil and contain the benefits of olive oil consumption. Mono-saturated fat is present in both of these olive oils and we all know that this fat is a catalyst of decreasing the amount of cholesterol and blood pressure in human body. But extra virgin olive oil is in better position than light olive oil in terms of oleic acid composition.

This olive oil has taken this olive in a better place to be considered healthier for our body. In light olive oil flavor and color are not too strong for using this in topping as well as dressing of food items. But the dressing can be perfect with extra virgin high quality olive oil. When people need to cook their food items with high heat; they should use light olive oil. There is a reason of higher smoking point of this olive oil.

At the first stage of changing the color as well as flavor of this olive oil, vegetable oil is mixed with light olive oil. If the customers are searching for olive oil for deep frying, light olive oil will be the solution for them. If extra virgin high quality olive oil is used for frying in high heat, the flavor can be removed from the olive oil.

As extra virgin high quality olive oil has strong flavor and color, so it will be tough to remove the flavor and color from the dishes after finishing the meals. In light olive oil there is no cholesterol, no high fat and no sodium. For eating purpose this olive oil is better as it is refined heavily for its flavor and color. In baking purpose, this light olive oil for its mixture as well as pale color. The fat amount in this olive oil is not more than regular vegetable oil.

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