Monterrubio olive oil with fruity flavor and low acidity

Monterrubio olive oilMonterrubio olive oil is extracted from fresh olives and the main varieties are Jabata (Picual) and Cornezuelo. This olive oil is very aromatic and fruity that people like very much. Greenish yellow color and stability have taken this olive oil at the front row of popular olive oils. Its flavor is quite fruity with little bit pungent as well as bitter taste. In laboratory analysis, the maximum amount of acidity in this olive oil is 0.5%. The cultivation of Aceite Monterrubio olive trees has become easier and the lighter method of cultivation is used. For the fertilization process, two different types of fertilization technique are used. The soil and leaves method is mineral fertilization system and pig or soil fertilization system is organic. Perfect fertilization also has effect of Monterrubio olive oil.

After the harvesting period is over from February to march, pruning process starts for removing the unnecessary objects from the olive trees. The pruning period is twice in a year including the early and late summer. If any shoots are found at the ground area of the olive trees, they are removed very carefully. Specific technique was developed in ancient time and that techniques used to finish pruning safely. Perfect and timely pruning can develop Monterrubio olive oil quality. In most of the olive orchards following dry farming techniques, but recently started drip irrigation system has made Monterrubio olive oil more acceptable.

Monterrubio olive oilOlives taken directly from the olive trees are allowed to take into the Monterrubio olive oil extraction process. Olives fell on the ground will not go in the extraction mill. Traditional method of harvesting the olives with hand is used. Sometimes the mechanical method of picking up the olives with machine is used. The harvester machine is with or without umbrella. If the farmers want to extract high quality Monterrubio olive oil, they must send the olives within 66 hours for extraction. The Product Denomination of Origin has set the time limit for maintain the quality of olive oil.

There are two different types of olive oil extraction methods are usually used by the farmers. Traditional or discontinuous extraction method and the second one is continuous extraction method. If any hard object is found with the olives like stones or leaves they are carefully removed from the olives. Grinding stones are made of granite and cone shaped that is used to make paste from the olives. Time taken for crushing the olives should be according to the varieties to get the perfect Monterrubio olive oil quality. When the extraction process is finished, oil is differentiated by decantantation method is used for taking the Monterrubio olive oil out of the paste.

In continuous extraction method, olives are taken into the cleaning unit is the mill. Knife crusher is used for making the paste from the olives. Centrifugation is used for extracting Monterrubio olive oil. After removing all impurities from Monterrubio olive oil, it is stored for packaging before placing in the market. Only glass or metal object is used for packaging this olive oil.

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