Olive Oil for Fingernails – Why?

Olive oil for fingernails treatment is now a very common term. You can have this treatment for your nails at home. Olive oil is not a recent product. This has been on use for more than thousands of years. The utility of olive oil is a lot. Fortunately you can make food with it, take it directly, use it for the betterment of your nails, hair; skin etc. Olive oil can be directly used on hair, nails or skin. This oil will help you to keep your skin, hair or nails healthier. Olive oil for fingernails is now rapidly used by people.Olive oil for fingernails

To remain fresh and healthy you not only need to care about your skin, hair or other parts fingernails are also very important. Clean and healthy nails are very important to make your hands look better. Most of our women want to have long nails but if those nails don’t have good health that won’t look attractive. More over unhygienic nails will create a lot of diseases. Olive oil for fingernails can be used in many ways to make your nails soft. For the growth of fingernails olive oil is a very good agent.

Olive oil for fingernails should be used knowing the pattern of your nail. There are two types of nails. Like brittle nails and soft nails. Olive oil for fingernails treatment is different for two types of nails. For brittle nails, take olive oil of one fourth cup. Heat the oil. Then let the oil turn cold to warm and then put a Vitamin E capsule into the cup. Then massage that mixture on your nails and cuticles and see the magic!  Olive oil will make your nails strengthen as well as flexible and Vitamin E will help to nourish your nails.

Olive oil for fingernails treatment is different for soft nails. If you want to make your nails hard with the help of olive oil then crush half cup of shelled walnuts, mix those into one table spoon olive oil plus one table spoon castor oil and one table spoon of honey. Then make a paste of those ingredients. Massage that paste on your nails. Keep them some half an hour. Then rinse your hand with warm water. Olive oil for fingernails treatment can be done twice a day and see the result!

Olive oil for fingernails treatment is also helpful to soften cuticle. For this you have to fill a bowl with moderate warm water then give half cup olive oil into that oil. Then drench your hands for ten minutes into that mixture. Then dry out your hands with towel. Olive oil for fingernails treatment will provides you the best result if you apply cuticle cream after drying your hands off. Most of the time women complain that their nails are not growing. Olive oil for fingernails is very helpful for all these types of problems. If you want better growth of your nails then take half cup of tomato juice, mix it with two table spoon olive oil. Then soak your fingers for ten minutes into that mixture, then wash it and dry off your fingers.

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