Olive oil Mediterranean diet – Why?

Olive oil Mediterranean diet plays one of the major roles in preventing heart disease. Mediterranean people have more healthy and long life than the other people in the world as they mostly associated with the genuine Mediterranean diet which is very highly consist of low animal products. This is their traditional diet. This diet is rich with the huge amount of olives as well as olive oil. Olive oil Mediterranean diet is the main source as well as the primary base of all cuisine of Mediterranean.  Olive oil Mediterranean diet

Olive oil Mediterranean diet has been playing an important role for occurring low record of heart disease among the people of Mediterranean. Research has said that the olive oil Mediterranean diet is able to prevent the damage of arteries. The olive oil reverses the high level of cholesterol in blood and lowers the level of high blood pressure. So if you follow olive oil Mediterranean diet plan you will be free from the risk of stroke.

You may think that why you should choose olive oil to have Mediterranean diet. This oil is very much helpful for our health. To have olive oil Mediterranean diet plan you should use extra virgin olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil is one of the great sources of monounsaturated fat. Olive oil contains fat, but monounsaturated fat is not harmful for our health. The monounsaturated fat does not get jammed in the arteries so there are no chances that your heart will get blocked with fat. Extra virgin olive oil is much expensive than the other virgin or pure oil because the extra virgin olive oil produced without mixing any chemical. And the oil is extracted with the first pressed, so the amount of the oil extracted is also low. These two reasons make this extra virgin olive oil more expensive.

If you want to have healthier like the Mediterranean people you should use extra virgin olive oil in the olive oil Mediterranean diet because this oil contains vitamin E or the alpha-tocopherol. The tocopherol is the highest level of antioxidant which works against the oxidation in the cell membranes. It is proved that those people have lower level of vitamin E in their blood they are in more risk of damaging the arteries than those people who have adequate amount of vitamin E in their body. You may know that one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil contains 1.6 mg of vitamin E on condition that eight to fifteen percent of the daily intake which is recommended. So I think you can now understand why extra virgin olive oil for making olive oil Mediterranean diet.

Despite having higher cost you should use extra virgin olive oil for making olive oil Mediterranean diet, as this oil is free from any chemicals and it also contains more anti oxidants. Spain is best for producing olive oil. Olive oil produced by them ranking the first position. So if you want to have olive oil Mediterranean diet then chooses olive oil produced in Spain. The quality of that olive oil is much higher.

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