About Olive Oil Explorer

Manuel Gallego, started working as a developer at the University of Cordoba in 1991, in 1999 he founded his first company in ucables.com internet, reaching 600,000 visitors a month, where he distributed systems diagnosis and repair of cars and mobile phones, available in 2007 a catalog of 30,000 references extending to 200,000, these products were shipped from USA, Malaysia and China Dropshipping.

In 2001 i created NokiaFREE forum Nokia Flash Reverse Electronic Engineering, first place on internet to exchange ideas to reprogram, reflash, customize, diagnostic or unlock Nokia mobile phones DCT3 and DCT4

In 2006, was developed Zocotours.com with last minute travel and holidays information directly from travel and holiday wholesalers.

In 2009 he founded SpainBOX.com leveraging its expertise in logistics, advises and helps other companies to optimize the logistics of international shipping.

Between 2011 and 2012 was participating in the World Top Investor (worldtopinvestor.com) competition is a live money, capital markets trading competition, he finished in second position.

In 2012 he founded Olivexa.com for international distribution of extra virgin olive oil of high quality directly from oil mills and this Olive Oil Explorer to talk about the Olive oil tasting, health benefits, reviews, recipes, etc.

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