Olive oil Usages: Are you aware?

Olive oil usages are many; you cannot describe that in some words.  Olive oil is not newly made products. It is used by people for many years. Olives are produced all most all the places in the world.  In Spanish there are more than two thousands variety of olives are now available and from them above two hundred are regularly available. Depending on the variety there are wide ranges of olive oil with different level of fragrances and flavors are available. So you get the opportunity to olive oil usages as your choice.

olive oil usages People are now using olive oil not only to make their food more tasty and healthy but also olive oil is now used to keep furniture in good condition, to take care of his or her hair, skin, to take care of baby’s growth etc. The benefits of olive oil are countless so the olive oil usages are also countless. You many know that there are a lot of olive oil is found in the market. All of those are not good in their quality. Spanish olive oil is best for using. This olive oil can be divided in two different patterns as extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and pure olive oil.  If you want to have olive oil usages in your food, skin care, hair care, baby care or even for bath, it is better to use extra virgin olive oil.

olive oil usages Extra virgin olive oil is same as fine wine. This olive oil is extracted from the first press of olives without applying any kind of chemicals or other substance. It is very much fresh. When you use this extra virgin olive oil you will get the fresh aroma as well as color of olives. People now want to have olive oil usages in their day to day life but the using pattern varies a lot as there are different types of olive oils are available. Another important thing which affect on the olive oil usages pattern is the quality. The quality of the olive oil can be measured by the two ways according to the trade standards of olive oil, first one is the acidity evaluation and the second one is taste olive oil.

According to the statement of international olive oil council virgin olive oil will have maximum acidity of two percent and organoleptic features fixed this stander. The extra virgin olive oil will have maximum one percent acidity. The oranoleptic features predetermined in the standards for this type. There are another two types of virgin olive oil one is ordinary virgin olive oil and another is lampante virgin olive oil and those will have maximum three percent and 3.3 percent acidity respectively. This acidity level makes the variety types olive oil usages pattern.

All types’ olive oils are now suitable for cooking or frying or massaging or hair caring etc. So when you will go to olive oil usages in you foods, body, furniture, skin, hair or any other things, be careful about the acidity level.

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