PGI extra virgin olive oil-produced in selected production region

PGI extra virgin olive oil is produced in the ‘protected geographical indication’ and EU schemes always cover the production process of this high quality olive oil. The promotional activities and quality protection are ensured by the regulatory committee. Using the recognized method of cultivating olive trees, extracting olive oil and completing all the process are covered by product denomination of origin. When the oil is produced in this selected area, the olive oil will be labeled and certified from product denomination of origin. PGI extra virgin olive oil is produced under strict supervision of the regulatory committee and ensured quality will be available for the customers of this olive oil.

Protected geographical indication is not as strong as product designation of origin. The PGI extra virgin olive oil production process is consisted of several stages. PDO oil extraction processes should be completed in the selected area and method. But PGI extra virgin olive oil production process can be completed in any place apart from any stage of the production. That process must be completed in the selected area. The quality of this olive oil can focus on any specific category, but other characteristics must be attributed to the geographical origin. Olive oil producing companies always try to get PGI certification to get trustworthiness from customers.

Getting PGI recognition is not easy for the farms producing PGI extra virgin olive oil following the rules in the selected geographical area. Only using unique method of extracting and processing the olive oil is allowed to get the label of PGI. In the whole olive oil industry, people always give great respect to PGI extra virgin olive oil. PGI certificate is very much important as it adds value to the olive oil and make different image in customer’s mind. Sustainable profit gaining will be continuous for the oil producing farms. Regulatory committee always suggests the farms to get certified from Regional Department of Agriculture.

PGI extra virgin olive oilNumerous olive oil products from Europe including Spain were certified either PGI or PDO for producing high quality olive oil. Differentiated products were the first to capture the maximum market share. The reputation of these products was also reflected on their sales amount. High quality PGI extra virgin olive oil contains very less amount of acidity. Only 0.5% oleic acid is available in this olive oil produced from fully fresh olives. Specified time frame and mechanical method are must for extracting PGI extra virgin olive oil from the olives collected from the trees of selected geographical region.

For dipping and dressing sauces, PGI extra virgin olive oil is the best and some people also like this olive oil for cooking. Long lasting as well as fruity flavor with pungent sensitive taste has made a unique combination in PGI extra virgin olive oil. This olive oil will be labeled as organic olive oil following the labeling rules of the regulatory committee. Best quality and standard of the olive oil production are followed to produce this olive oil. Customers can purchase this oil with secured PGI quality olive oil.

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