Picual olive oil – A wise Choice

Picual olive oilPicual olive oil is one of the best oil produced in Spain. In Spain there are more than 262 types of olives are cultivated. 24 types are produced regularly. All 262 types of olives are categorized into four types they are principal, dispersed, secondary and local. The picual olive oil is one of the most important types of olive oil.

More than fifty percent of olives produced in Spain are picual olives and in the world more than twenty percent olives are picual olives. So you can now understand how much important or popular the picula olives or the picual olive oil is. Though picual olives are now produced all over the world. The production of olives normally concentrated in the jaen as well as its neighboring areas. The size of the picual olives varies. It normally sizes medium to the large. The weight of this picual olive is 2.1 and 3.7 grams. The average weight of this type of olive is 3.2 grams. Producing picual olives are very profitable because the flesh to stone ration of this olive is 5:6. The picual olives become mature between the starting of the December and the mid of the December.

 Picual olive oil

Picual olive oil is very high in their quality. This picual olive oil becomes very popular because it contains fatty acid and antioxidants. This picual olive oil normally contains eighty percent monounsaturated oleic acid. This acid is very important for the prevention of the cardiovascular diseases. This olive oil also contains linoleic acid which is very harmful for health. But you don’t need to be worried. This oil contains only four percent linoleic acid, only the excess amount is harmful for health. So you can use this oil without any tension.

This picual olive oil taste slightly bitter has a little sent of wood. The picual olives are normally cultivate in the mountains areas so picual olive oil has a tendency to have more fresh flavor and sweeter than other olive oils. You can use this picual olive oil for different purposes. Normally people use picual olive oil for frying purpose and it is also good for making gazpachos, salads and souses. This oil can be used instead of the vinegars.  You can make appetizer with this picual olive oil. shake over some grated cheeses with some spices and use that as the dipper for crispy bread which is fried with picual olive oil. After making it you will get the sweet flavor of picual olive oil from your appetizer.

For different purposes we are now highly depend on the olive oil. In our daily life we are using olive oil. from cooking, massaging, for skin care, hair care, for baby care, for polishing furniture and for so many works we are using olive oil. You will get the best result if you use the best quality olive oil. There are a lot of olive oils available in the market. Choose the best one to have the perfect result. Picual olive oil is highly used and popular olive oil. If you want to use olive oil for your foods and want the great result then you can take picula olive oil without any hesitation.

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