Picudo olive oil – smooth as silk!

Picudo olive oil is the most popular olive oil in Spain. In Spain, around 262 varieties of olive are cultivated each year, but most of them are not used as the material of producing olive oil. In the olive oil production, 24 varieties of olive oil are granted to use in the factories. Whole 262 categories are again divided into 4 major categories. The four categories are principal category, secondary category, dispersed category and local category. When the names of the categories and olive trees are selected, people keep their distinctive characteristics in mind, like the leaf form, production are and shape of the trees as well as fruits. Picudo olive oil is extracted from the most prominent Picudo olive trees.Picudo olive oil is smooth and contains low saturated fat

In Andalucía, more than two-thirds of whole olives production of Spain takes place. World’s 50% olive oil is produced in Spain. Some brands are Melgarejo Delicatesen, Oro bailen Reserva, Melgarejo Virgen, etc. Most of the world’s olive is also cultivated in Andalucía. Jaen Province is alone responsible to produce more than the whole amount of olive production in Greece. But, the interesting thing is that the surface area of this province is only 10% of the whole area of Greece. Among the popular categories of olive oil in Jaen, Picudo olive oil is remarkable. The climate of Jaen as well as Andalucía supports the cultivation of Picudo olive trees. So the amount of Picudo olive oil production is quite high here.

 Picudo olive oil

Picudo olive oil is mainly produced from Malaga, Jaen, Cordoba and Granada of Spain. Picudo olive is famous because, it delivers light, well balanced and sweet oil like the other fruits of tropical region. People use Picudo olive oil for dedicating dishes, drizzling mind and baking sweets as well as frying fishes. In Spain, various types of olive oil are available, but the above mentioned distinctive characteristics have marked Picudo olive as the most preferred one.

In the southern portion of Cordoba, Picudo olive is cultivated over 150,000 acres of land. The name “Picudo olive” comes from the shape of the fruit, a curled tip along with a clear nipple. Among the 24 varieties of olives used in oil production, Picudo olive is the second largest fruit in Spain. The average weight of a single Picudo olive fruit is 4.8 grams. Average Picudo olive oil extracted from a Picudo olive is 20%. Picudo olive oil is ideal to use in pastries, gazpachos and warm salads. This olive oil has soft flavor and contains remarkable amount of fatty acids.

Picudo olives are very much sweet and birds are attracted to it very much. The production variety of Picudo olive oil is very high. Picudo olive trees can grow well in damp weather and in grand sand. When the fruits get ripen, the color turned dark. People like Picudo olive oil best for the taste of combined sweet and bitterness. Olive oil is considered as a very important food item, as any family celebration and get together is not possible without it. In some cases, people compare good wine with olive oil in importance.

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