Refined olive oil: a low quality oil

Refined olive oil is that kind of oil which is gained from the virgin olive oil by applying the refining methods. That refining method will not hamper the initial glyceridic configuration of olive oil. Refined olive oil consist of free acidity, has oleic acid which is not more than .3 percent per one hundred grams of olive oil according to the standard of IOOC.

The refined olive oil is normally odorless, tasteless as well as colorless. Most of the countries people ban this olive oil for human use as it is odorless and tasteless not because it is harmful for the body or the poor quality of it. Some people think that refined olive oil is unfit for human use but there is no declaration of it from the IOOC.

refined olive oil The refined olive oil is extracted by refining the virgin olive oil and it has high level of acidity or you may call it organoleptic problems which are estimated after processing the virgin olive oil. Refined olive oil is produced because more than fifty percent of olive oil produced in the area of Mediterranean areas is very poor in their quality. So that olive oil needs a refining process to make it use worthy. To get the refined oil no solvents are normally used but the oil is refined with the help of using charcoal as well as other physical and chemical filters. This refined oil is equivalent of pure olive oil. Not all the olive oil needs refining process. Those olives are harvested from October to January in the Mediterranean area poses poor quality and only those oil need refining process.refined olive oil

There are a huge difference between the extra virgin olive oil and the refined olive oil.  We all know that the extra virgin olive oil very rich in their quality and this is considered as the number one olive oil. The refined olive oil is produced form the olive waste like press cake, saturated filter sand as well as rancid oil. It is produced in the chemical plant to make it use worthy. The extra virgin olive oil is available in different colors, taste and smells. From that option you will be able to choose your suitable one but in that case the refined oil is not able to provide you well.  Extra virgin olive oil is very rich with vitamin E, Viscosity (syrupiness) levels as well as other different necessary items which are very much helpful for our body. But the refined oil has lacking of these features. Most importantly in the refined oil there is Benzopyrene substance is existed, which is one of the factor of causing cancer. In this case the extra virgin olive oil is safe.

It is better not to use refined olive oil for direct consuming purpose of human. Refined olive oil will provide you best for polishing your furniture; keep your stainless still safe etc. So when you want to consume olive oil it is better choose extra virgin olive oil rather than refined olive oil.

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