Refined olive oil – refined with physical and chemical filters

Refined olive oilRefined olive oil is directly extracted from high quality fresh olives and the olives are fully fresh. Only selected olives are allowed to go to the refined olive oil extraction process. The acidity level in this olive oil is very low and oleic acid is not harmful for human body. Less than 0.3% oleic acid is available in this olive oil. Virgin olive oil is used to extract this olive oil. The refining method is different from all other methods of olive oil production. After refining the olive oil, all the defects are traced and removed. Olive oil produced from Mediterranean area is gathered for refining to produce high quality oil.

Refined olive oil is edible oil and no solvents are allowed to be use in the refining process. Physical filters, chemicals and charcoal are used to refine the olive oil for increasing the quality. As the oil is refined from previously extracted olive oil, the color, flavor and taste will be diminished. In some countries of the world, this olive oil is not granted for human consumption. They think low flavor and safety concern of refined olive oil will be harmful for human being. But this olive oil sis not officially rejected for human being.

Refined olive oilIn October and January season, the olive oil is harvested in Mediterranean region and after the harvesting procedure; olives are taken to the mills. Mills are generally situated at the most convenient place for delivering the fruits from the orchards. When olive oils of different varieties are extracted, they are stored in a central tank. Then the refining process started for developing the quality as extra virgin olive oil in refined olive oil. In selling the refined olive oil to the customers, local people are served first. But majority amount of this olive oil are taken to large companies, as tank load selling is convenient in the mills.

Mechanical method of refining the olive oil is preferred by the customers. If any kind of defects found in the refined olive oil, different chemical agents are used for making the oil acceptable for human being. The basis material of getting refined olive oil is rancid oil, saturated sand and press cake. In chemical plants, the olive oil of different varieties is refined as the distillation process. Virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are less processed, but cultured olive oil is too much processed olive oil. In this olive oil, the health attributes are not enough.

Refined olive oil is processed mechanically and people, who like natural olive oil, will avoid this oil. Large companies usually contract with the mills and pay the charge of refining low quality olive oil collected from Mediterranean area. Sometimes, the companies supply materials and inexpensive methods of refining olive oil. Refined olive oil is not free from chemical elements and safety concern is always important matter here. Extra virgin high quality olive oil is cold pressed and fully natural as well as safe for health. Distilled olive oil is refined by chemicals.

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