Regular virgin olive oil: methods of solvents or reeasterification excluded

Regular virgin olive oil is obtained from olives or tree fruits with the help of machine or any other physical tools. It is obtained in that way which ensures that the oil won’t lose or alter any of its impotent features. We get the regular virgin olive oil after some processing like washing, centrifuging, decanting as well as filtering. The process of obtain olive oil excludes all kind of use methods of solvents or re-easterification.

Regular virgin olive oil Regular virgin olive oil has free acidity. The acid remains in this oil are called oleic acid. The level of oleic acid is 3.3 grams in the one hundred grams of oil. So this means you will get 3.3% oleic acid with the one hundred gram regular virgin olive oil. According to the measurement of IOOC standards this level of acidity is fixed by the other characteristic like type of olives, harvest time, processing methods etc. regular olive oil is not safe for consuming. It is considered as low quality olive oil. This olive oil is considered as lampante olive oil in many countries.

Regular virgin olive oil Olive oil is not a new product. This has been using for many decades because of its ability to provide mankind with its healthiest features. Olive oil is fatty oil. The fat remain in this oil is called monounsaturated fat which is a friendly fat for human. Like other oil’ fat this is not harmful for the heart. This fat has the ability to change the HDL cholesterol into LDL. And all we know that the HDL cholesterol is harmful for the body and LDL is helpful for body. Another source of LDL is the fat of fish. But if you don’t want to eat fish then may be the great source of LDL cholesterol is olive oil. Unfortunately regular virgin olive oil is not capable to provide you all these benefits. This is not considered as good olive oil for the human consuming.

Olive oil is one of the few oils which you can take in the virgin form and the virgin form will provide you the maximum benefits. The necessarily of olive oil cannot be described in one word. If you notice you can see that olive oil is now hugely used in our daily purpose like making foods, salads, fry, taking care of your skin, hair, nails, legs etc and even this oil is used for take care of your furniture, stainless still etc. There are now a huge variety of olive oils available in the market. And among this Spanish olive oil is the best. Olive oil can be divided in to three forms. Regular virgin olive oil one of them. And this regular virgin olive oil is not best for using.

Some people think a lot about money. So when they found regular virgin olive oil in a very lower price they run for this. This is the trick of some business company. Be careful about using olive oil. Regular virgin olive oil is normally best to use as polish or fuel.

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