Sierra de Cádiz olive oil: Winner of Taste and Zest

Sierra de Cádiz olive oil is renowned as the excellent quality virgin olive oil and that’s the reason why it recently has got the attention of the whole world defeating all other classes of PDO, Protected Denomination of Origin. Mostly all of the products of Sierra de Cádiz olive oil can be found with a fragrance of ripe olive and spice. This Cádiz olive oil provides a sturdy flavor on tasting along with a little bit touch of acrimony and spiciness in final phase. This oil is very much steady.

Sierra de Cádiz olive oil

In Spain, Sierra de Cádiz has become an excellent place for producing first-rate olive oil. The reason is the quality of this virgin olive oil has met the expectation level of the whole world.  The quality of this Sierra de Cádiz olive oil has recently won the top position among all other classes of the Protected Denomination of Origin. Just like some other producers in the world, the producers of Spain also get the extra virgin oil from the fruit or olive of olive tree in the groves. There are some categories of Sierra de Cádiz olive oil that Spanish growers grow in their own groves. Among them some popular varieties are  Parqueoliva Serie Oro , Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar , Melgarejo Delicatesen Composition, and so on.

This superb quality Sierra de Cádiz olive oil is produced in Spain at Sierra de Cádiz. This place is in between the Cádiz province and Seville province. Only those olives which are directly harvested from the olive tree in groves are mainly authorized for producing olive oil protected by Designation. The color of Sierra de Cádiz olive oil is clean, light and differs between golden yellow and deep green. The aroma of this oil is considerably fruity as well as the flavor it carries is a little spicy, bitter and balanced. Eventually, this extra virgin olive oil is outstanding quality oil with small acidity.

Sierra de Cádiz olive oil

In terms of the organoleptic categories, Sierra de Cádiz olive oil is normally established among the specialists that the flavors and aromas of olive oils from Sierra de Cádiz in Spain are strong and more diversifies than all those taken from demanding groves throughout the countryside. This excellent quality Sierra de Cádiz olive oil is standard in fruitiness, fresh with the notes of green or ripe olives, reminiscence of forest and herbs, or else fruits like apple, tomato and banana. This extra virgin olive oil of Spain also shows great balance between pungency and bitterness. Within the DO (Designation of Origin), and some other particular areas where the olive trees can be found, 3 types of olive oil are there.

Only in Spain, Sierra de Cádiz olive oil has recently has above 20,000 hectares of areas what turns out around 85% of total olive oil production in Cadiz province. 9 companies are there in PDO (packaging and mills) and this is really worth indicating that in a very small time Sierra de Cádiz olive oil has enlarged the preliminary production almost tenfold, with averaging 621 t in past 3 seasons.

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