Sierra De Segura olive Oil: Discovering the processing method

Sierra De Segura olive oil Sierra De Segura olive oil is very fruity and it has exceptional sensory qualities considering its taste, color and smell. This extra virgin olive oil is protected under umbrella of Denomination. Sierra De Segura olive oil is produced at Jaenese Mountains of Segura in Spain. Nearly 40,000 hectares are normally set aside in Spain for growing the olive trees here. The harvest of this olive is generally picked up manually from the olive trees at the crucial time. This olive oil is kind of greenish yellow, aromatic, fruity, little bit bitter. It carries acidity below 1% but that has always been very stable.Sierra De Segura olive oil

Sierra De Segura olive oil is one of kind extra virgin olive oils which is obtained in particular from Picual olive. One of the brands of this olive category is Aldea De Don Gil. Although there are some other brands with different categories which obtains the classifications of Sierra De Segura olive oil and those are for example Castillo De Canena Royal Temprano , Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar, etc.

The Protected Denomination Origin or PDO of Sierra De Segura olive oil covers the areas of Spain are Beas de Segura, , Chiclana de Segura, Benatae, Hornos de Segura, Génave, La Puerta de Segura, Orcera, Segura de la Sierra, Puente Génave, , Torres de Albánchez, Villarrodrigo and Siles. All of these places of Spain are mostly in northeastern part of Jaén province. The farmers of Spain mostly use mechanical and physical means for harvesting the olive from the olive groves. That is why the olive oil that comes from SIERRA DE SEGURA cannot be altered. In this way they can preserve the exact excellent smell, color, characteristics of fruit from what this is obtained. This Sierra De Segura olive oil is rich in vitamin E and lipids.

The providence of plantations of Sierra De Segura olive oil is quite steady throughout the areas of the Protected Denominated Origin in Spain; most of these places have between 100-130 olive trees per 2.5 acres. Handy plantations of olive are frequently plowed by the tractor, though in those places where the land is slightly steeper and little bit difficult, all kinds of traditional methods are used without hesitation. During the harvesting time of Sierra De Segura olive oil, it is significant to keep the olives which are picked up without touching the ground. The Segura olives are then transported to mill at the day when they are collected.

In these days, In Spain, Sierra De Segura olive oil is collected by centrifugation. The paste of the olives is malaxed plus centrifuged in horizontal decanter for separating the dissimilar densities of the liquid. Centrifuge mainly removes the rest vegetation water. After that the oil is kept into the storage tanks. The temperature needs to be kept always constant at approximately 68º F (20º C). The storage tanks used for storing Sierra De Segura olive oil should be of stainless steel for facilitating the cleaning. This whole processing method of this oil is controlled by Regulatory Council in Spain.

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