Sierra Mágina olive oil – Secretly Keeps You Pretty and Young

Sierra Mágina olive oil is amazingly resourceful, its development includes a huge swath of land in Southeast country, the world´s biggest olive harvesting and oil generating place. The reason behind this fame of this place is that the olive trees are grown in the Protected Denomination of origin or PDO areas. That means the olive groves are carefully protected under the denominating of origin in Spain.  Sierra Mágina olive oil is from the Picual and Manzanillo de Jaen. The natural oil from these olive trees very well healthy, spicy and a little bit nice. The color differs from strong natural to fantastic yellow, based on enough duration of the collection and the geographical location of the area.Sierra Mágina olive oil

Sierra Mágina olive oil is produced in Sierra Magina. This is one of the best protected Denominations of origin areas in Spain which is located at the center of the Jaen. There are some Sierra Mágina olive oil known as Melgarejo Cosecha Propia, Melgarejo Arberquina, etc. 

Spain has more than 300 million olive plants and is the top manufacturer and exporter of extra virgin olive oil. It´s average development is around 800,000 tons, the majority of which is grown in Andalucia PDO, the world´s biggest olive harvest place. Only around 20% of the oil is released. The olive for Mágina olive oil can be found all over the year. So the cultivation and production of this best oil is like a continuous process. The Protected Designation of Origin or PDO of Sierra Mágina entices a large conservatory of land than other virgin olive oil in Europe.

Sierra Mágina olive oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, acquired specifically from olives of the Picual wide range. It is found in the olive-producing PDO areas of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, in the south of Jaén, where a total of roughly 55,000 hectares of olives are set aside for increasing it. The collection is carried out personally by “milking”, straight from the shrub. Oil is protected by the denomination of origin and it is created only in this way. Sierra Mágina olive oil is rich in fats and E vitamin.Sierra Mágina olive oil

Sierra Mágina olive oil performs a central role in maintain health, especially in the so-called ‘Mediterranean diet’. Its health advantages are also well acknowledged. This oil has managed its substance over centuries, where methods of removal and development have been mastered. During these decades, its usage has also been increased, and different types have showed up such as enhanced oil and “orujo” long with the most popular variety of extra virgin oil. As with all the most popular items of gastronomy, quality is guaranteed through the PDO certification. There has been no kind of modification from collection of the olives to appearance in your hands. Sierra Mágina olive oil retains all its fragrance, taste and natural vitamins. There is one further attribute that can be added, shown in its name: extra virgin olive oil.

Extra Virgin oil is by far the best; this is the first pressing in cold of the fruit. Sierra Mágina olive oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil is often known as or marked as EVOO and is used for more than just food, it´s also used as light energy, a additive, medical treat, natural and in many beauty products. Cleansers and shampoos and conditioners as well as face lotions are popular items created from an organic base of Sierra Mágina olive oil making them incredibly pretty to the skin. 

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