Store olive oil correctly – How?

Store olive oil is one of the important things to have great quality olive oil. How the producer store olive oil after extraction oil from olives plays a major role to determine the quality of olive oil. Olive oil has a very high level of monounsaturated fat which gives this oil longer capacity to be stored. But the important thing is you have to store olive oil properly.  Naturally oils are very much fragile in their nature so that you have to treat oil more gently to save their all the healthful substances as well as keep them safe from all the harmful factors.  Store olive oil

To store olive oil you have to choose some type of location which is free from heat, light or air. All these three things are enemies of oil. Heat, light or air influences to generate a radical which ultimately lead to extreme oxidantion and rancidity in the olive oil and that makes the taste of oils bad. In some extreme cases the oxidation and free radicals may cause you the heart disease or even cancer. So to store olive oil properly is very important factor. Even you may know that rancidity even ser prior to taste or smell olive oil. Rotten olive oil may harm your cells and also consume the valuable antioxidants. Although rancid olive oil won’t pose direct health risk at the time you consume but it is better to consume less. If you can, it will be better to buy a new bottle of olive oil.

You may now want to know that which will be the best container to store olive oil. No need to be worried. Containers won’t because you much cost to store olive oil.  Tines glass or nonreactive metal like steel can be an ideal solution. Just when you store olive oil in those keep them away from light, heat or air. It is better to avoid metal made containers like iron, copper because those metals may cause chemical reactions with olive oils and can make olive oil toxic. Copper or iron is able to produce poisonous compounds. It is also better to avoid plastic containers also. Olive oil observes the noxious ingredients from plastic like polyvinyl chlorides (PVC). And to store olive oil you should have a tight cap to keep your olive oil away from air.

Temperature is also an important factor to store olive oil properly.  High temperature may degrade the quality of olive oil. It is said by the experts that if you store olive oil at fifty seven degrees Fahrenheit your olive oil will be remain safe. The maximum amount can’t be seventy degree Fahrenheit. But if you want to keep your olive oil for longer period then it is better to refrigerate it. You can refrigerate all types of olive oil but only except premium extra virgin olive oil.

There are other so many rules to store olive oil properly. You can take the advice from the expert one. It is always better not to store olive oil more than one year after producing. As it is one kind of food ingredients so the longer you store olive oil it the more the quality of the oil will degrade.

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