Unrefined Olive Oil: Quality at its best

Single estate unrefined olive oil, also known as Estate Olive Oil, is the olive oil that is made from olives grown on estate grove. This unique single estate unrefined olive oil that both produced actually from ancient olive trees and packed on individual farm or estate is best well-known fruity oil for its taste. Its quality and uniqueness are influenced by natural elements such as soli, height above sea level, climate and the variety of olive of that region.

unrefined olive oilA single farm or estate produces single estate unrefined olive oil following both traditional and modern methods. Most of the producers are owned their business from ancestors and to uphold the production process that has been developed over centuries; they use traditional method integrating with modern thoughts and techniques. However, olives, which are not fully ripe, are picked by hand in every harvest. Then the oil is drawn from pressing and bottled on the estate within maximum 24 hours from harvesting to maintain the freshness and the quality of single estate unrefined olive oil.

Single estate unrefined olive oil is the best among the available olive oils in market. It is also very expensive due to its high production cost for following thorough organic farming standard. It is generally sold on farm site or in departmental stores. Excessive heat and bright light deteriorates quality and favor of the single estate unrefined olive oil. So, it is carefully stored and displayed in the place which is free from heat and light.

unrefined olive oilThe single producer of olive oil in Spain is titled as estate. A single producer grows and draws oils from only one type of olives. On the other side, as Spain is a mountainous region and large numbers of its olive orchards are in remote area and small in size, mass production through cultivation and machine picking are difficult. Many Spanish producers are becoming organic and pay attention to single estate unrefined olive oil that is pressed and bottled on sites. At present, they try learn to exploit the increasing worldwide need for high quality single estate unrefined olive oil.

River Estate, for instance, is a producer of single estate unrefined olive oil. It is located on the bank of the Turanga River, Whitford.   At River Estate, the olives are both grown and pressed at its grove in Whitford to maintain fresh top-quality olive oil. Farm does not purchase or introduce additional olives from other orchards into its selection process of olive. For preserving freshness of olive oil, olives are also cold-pressed within 24 hours after harvesting ripe olives. Besides, pesticides and herbicides are not using by following organic farming. Another example of single estate unrefined olive oil; Olive Oil of Ephesus is an independent, family-owned single-estate business in Turkey. It uses olives from its ancient olive trees more than 300 years. The estate is certified as organic farm for its 100 percent natural farming process. Olive Oil of Ephesus provides a taste of slightly peppery with golden color. The oil is available in retail and food service in 500ml and 1000ml bottles.

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