Olive oil does not make us put on weight. Makes us lose it!

Olive oil does not make us put on weightOlive oil does not make us put on weight!!! Some may assure that olive oil makes us put on weight and it is true that the oil has a high content of calories, but that does not necessarily mean that it is going to make us put on weight. In fact, there is no scientific research supporting this. However, there are some reviews in which scientists state that extra virgin olive oil makes us lose weight. Yes, that’s what I’ve written: Extra virgin olive oil makes us lose weight.

Through a recent study carried out by the Pharmacy Faculty of the University of Navarra in Spain, scientists stated that the inclusion of extra virgin olive oil in our diet favor body weight reduction. In this research, scientists studied the diet of a thousand different individuals. Their diets were changed to another one which was very similar to the Mediterranean one. The conclusions showed that, with time, this new diet made the individuals lose weight due to the increase of the antioxidant capacity of their bodies. This increase led directly to a weight reduction. In addition, parallel scientific studies revealed that major quantity of antioxidants in our blood is related to body weight reduction. It was also shown that those individuals with tendency to gain weight were, in a way, more protected against overweight when they changed their usual diet to the Mediterranean one.

One of the scientists that took part in the Spanish research determined that if the Mediterranean diet, when compared to low fat diets, presents greater antioxidant capacity. Then, this led to the conclusion that a diet with high content of mono and polyunsaturated fat is very healthy for our bodies.

The role of the extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean diet is essential and it is considered to be its basic and fundamental ingredient. The well-known antioxidant capacity of oil comes from polyphenols, the natural antioxidants that contribute to the bitter taste in oils and which are very beneficial to our body. They reduce cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and decrease coronary risks. Its quantity is determined by several facts: oil variety, olive time picking, altitude, irrigation, extraction methods and storage.

As a conclusion, keep the idea that extra virgin olive oil is essential in our diet, including those people interested in losing weight. Obviously, it will be necessary to follow the instructions of a doctor and combine your diet with a healthy way of life and regular exercise.

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