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Sierra de Cádiz olive oil: Winner of Taste and Zest

Sierra de Cádiz olive oil is renowned as the excellent quality virgin olive oil and that’s the reason why it recently has got the attention of the whole world defeating all other classes of PDO, Protected Denomination of Origin. Mostly all of the products of Sierra de Cádiz olive oil can be found with a fragrance of ripe olive and spice. This Cádiz olive oil provides a sturdy flavor on tasting along with a little bit touch of acrimony and spiciness in final phase. This oil is very much steady.

Sierra de Cádiz olive oil

In Spain, Sierra de Cádiz has become an excellent place for producing first-rate olive oil. The reason is the quality of this virgin olive oil has met the expectation level of the whole world.  The quality of this Sierra de Cádiz olive oil has recently won the top position among all other classes of the Protected Denomination of Origin. Just like some other producers in the world, the producers of Spain also get the extra virgin oil from the fruit or olive of olive tree in the groves. There are some categories of Sierra de Cádiz olive oil that Spanish growers grow in their own groves. Among them some popular varieties are  Parqueoliva Serie Oro , Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar , Melgarejo Delicatesen Composition, and so on.

This superb quality Sierra de Cádiz olive oil is produced in Spain at Sierra de Cádiz. This place is in between the Cádiz province and Seville province. Only those olives which are directly harvested from the olive tree in groves are mainly authorized for producing olive oil protected by Designation. The color of Sierra de Cádiz olive oil is clean, light and differs between golden yellow and deep green. The aroma of this oil is considerably fruity as well as the flavor it carries is a little spicy, bitter and balanced. Eventually, this extra virgin olive oil is outstanding quality oil with small acidity.

Sierra de Cádiz olive oil

In terms of the organoleptic categories, Sierra de Cádiz olive oil is normally established among the specialists that the flavors and aromas of olive oils from Sierra de Cádiz in Spain are strong and more diversifies than all those taken from demanding groves throughout the countryside. This excellent quality Sierra de Cádiz olive oil is standard in fruitiness, fresh with the notes of green or ripe olives, reminiscence of forest and herbs, or else fruits like apple, tomato and banana. This extra virgin olive oil of Spain also shows great balance between pungency and bitterness. Within the DO (Designation of Origin), and some other particular areas where the olive trees can be found, 3 types of olive oil are there.

Only in Spain, Sierra de Cádiz olive oil has recently has above 20,000 hectares of areas what turns out around 85% of total olive oil production in Cadiz province. 9 companies are there in PDO (packaging and mills) and this is really worth indicating that in a very small time Sierra de Cádiz olive oil has enlarged the preliminary production almost tenfold, with averaging 621 t in past 3 seasons.

Sierra Mágina olive oil – Secretly Keeps You Pretty and Young

Sierra Mágina olive oil is amazingly resourceful, its development includes a huge swath of land in Southeast country, the world´s biggest olive harvesting and oil generating place. The reason behind this fame of this place is that the olive trees are grown in the Protected Denomination of origin or PDO areas. That means the olive groves are carefully protected under the denominating of origin in Spain.  Sierra Mágina olive oil is from the Picual and Manzanillo de Jaen. The natural oil from these olive trees very well healthy, spicy and a little bit nice. The color differs from strong natural to fantastic yellow, based on enough duration of the collection and the geographical location of the area.Sierra Mágina olive oil

Sierra Mágina olive oil is produced in Sierra Magina. This is one of the best protected Denominations of origin areas in Spain which is located at the center of the Jaen. There are some Sierra Mágina olive oil known as Melgarejo Cosecha Propia, Melgarejo Arberquina, etc. 

Spain has more than 300 million olive plants and is the top manufacturer and exporter of extra virgin olive oil. It´s average development is around 800,000 tons, the majority of which is grown in Andalucia PDO, the world´s biggest olive harvest place. Only around 20% of the oil is released. The olive for Mágina olive oil can be found all over the year. So the cultivation and production of this best oil is like a continuous process. The Protected Designation of Origin or PDO of Sierra Mágina entices a large conservatory of land than other virgin olive oil in Europe.

Sierra Mágina olive oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, acquired specifically from olives of the Picual wide range. It is found in the olive-producing PDO areas of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, in the south of Jaén, where a total of roughly 55,000 hectares of olives are set aside for increasing it. The collection is carried out personally by “milking”, straight from the shrub. Oil is protected by the denomination of origin and it is created only in this way. Sierra Mágina olive oil is rich in fats and E vitamin.Sierra Mágina olive oil

Sierra Mágina olive oil performs a central role in maintain health, especially in the so-called ‘Mediterranean diet’. Its health advantages are also well acknowledged. This oil has managed its substance over centuries, where methods of removal and development have been mastered. During these decades, its usage has also been increased, and different types have showed up such as enhanced oil and “orujo” long with the most popular variety of extra virgin oil. As with all the most popular items of gastronomy, quality is guaranteed through the PDO certification. There has been no kind of modification from collection of the olives to appearance in your hands. Sierra Mágina olive oil retains all its fragrance, taste and natural vitamins. There is one further attribute that can be added, shown in its name: extra virgin olive oil.

Extra Virgin oil is by far the best; this is the first pressing in cold of the fruit. Sierra Mágina olive oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil is often known as or marked as EVOO and is used for more than just food, it´s also used as light energy, a additive, medical treat, natural and in many beauty products. Cleansers and shampoos and conditioners as well as face lotions are popular items created from an organic base of Sierra Mágina olive oil making them incredibly pretty to the skin. 

Hojiblanca olive oil: mark of quality in Spain

Hojiblanca olive oil can be found in plenty in Cordoba, Seville and Malaga. Hojiblanca olives are the mark of antiquity in Spain and mainly produced for collecting olive oil. Hojiblanca olive is available in various flavors in Spain including lightly peppery, fruity, bitter sweet and almonds. Hojiblanca olive oil is mainly preferred for its frying sautéing and frying facility. Not only in frying, people also like to use this olive oil in baking. This olive oil is the result of olive crush and has slight pepper taste. In the international competitions of olive oils Hojiblanca oil is constantly prevailing at the first position. Hojiblanca olive oil

In cooking fish, vegetables and meat, Hojiblanca olive oil is given the most importance. Some brands of Hojiblanca olive oil are Oro bailen, Venta Baron, Parqueoliva Serie Oro, etc. Apart from the other olive oil classes; Hojiblanca oil is especially different for its aftertaste, smoothness and flavor. Low saturated fat and taste are two specific reasons why people randomly choose this olive oil. Hojiblanca oil is different in the extraction process and it is completely safe for heart. Natural process is maintained to produce this olive oil.

The difference between Hojiblanca olive oil and others will not be clear to you, before tasting it with bread on your breakfast plate. Its spicy and bitter taste will take different place in your mind and you will remember it distinctively. A slight mistake in cooking can be covered with olive oil as it can increase the taste of food item and make attractive. Hojiblanca olive oil can be used raw and in cooking. Frying vegetables and grilling meats will get new type of taste after using this olive oil. Though, extra amount of oil will increase the amount of calories in the food item, olive oil will create positive effect on health for its antioxidant properties.

In Spain there are 260 types of olive are being cultivated regularly. The variety of fragrance and flavor gives different experience about the diversity in the taste of Spanish people. In Spain, there are so many variations in olive oil preference that it is really difficult to figure out one specific type of olive oil for everything. Home cooks and chefs always choose their type based on their need. Different olive oil give different flavor and people, who like the flavor of Hojiblanca, select Hojiblanca olive oil. Half of the total production of olive oil in the world takes place in Spain. If you can see the use of olive oil, especially Hojiblanca olive oil, then you will have no doubt.

If any people want to taste all of the categories of olive oil in Spain that is possible, but he can never remember differently. But, some people like specific olive oil like Hojiblanca olive oil. They have their own argument supporting their taste. People like Hojiblanca olive oil as it is chilling and stable in taste as well as use. This olive oil is great for gazpachos. In international olive oil competitions, Hojiblanca oil is the most popular olive oil.

Picudo olive oil – smooth as silk!

Picudo olive oil is the most popular olive oil in Spain. In Spain, around 262 varieties of olive are cultivated each year, but most of them are not used as the material of producing olive oil. In the olive oil production, 24 varieties of olive oil are granted to use in the factories. Whole 262 categories are again divided into 4 major categories. The four categories are principal category, secondary category, dispersed category and local category. When the names of the categories and olive trees are selected, people keep their distinctive characteristics in mind, like the leaf form, production are and shape of the trees as well as fruits. Picudo olive oil is extracted from the most prominent Picudo olive trees.Picudo olive oil is smooth and contains low saturated fat

In Andalucía, more than two-thirds of whole olives production of Spain takes place. World’s 50% olive oil is produced in Spain. Some brands are Melgarejo Delicatesen, Oro bailen Reserva, Melgarejo Virgen, etc. Most of the world’s olive is also cultivated in Andalucía. Jaen Province is alone responsible to produce more than the whole amount of olive production in Greece. But, the interesting thing is that the surface area of this province is only 10% of the whole area of Greece. Among the popular categories of olive oil in Jaen, Picudo olive oil is remarkable. The climate of Jaen as well as Andalucía supports the cultivation of Picudo olive trees. So the amount of Picudo olive oil production is quite high here.

 Picudo olive oil

Picudo olive oil is mainly produced from Malaga, Jaen, Cordoba and Granada of Spain. Picudo olive is famous because, it delivers light, well balanced and sweet oil like the other fruits of tropical region. People use Picudo olive oil for dedicating dishes, drizzling mind and baking sweets as well as frying fishes. In Spain, various types of olive oil are available, but the above mentioned distinctive characteristics have marked Picudo olive as the most preferred one.

In the southern portion of Cordoba, Picudo olive is cultivated over 150,000 acres of land. The name “Picudo olive” comes from the shape of the fruit, a curled tip along with a clear nipple. Among the 24 varieties of olives used in oil production, Picudo olive is the second largest fruit in Spain. The average weight of a single Picudo olive fruit is 4.8 grams. Average Picudo olive oil extracted from a Picudo olive is 20%. Picudo olive oil is ideal to use in pastries, gazpachos and warm salads. This olive oil has soft flavor and contains remarkable amount of fatty acids.

Picudo olives are very much sweet and birds are attracted to it very much. The production variety of Picudo olive oil is very high. Picudo olive trees can grow well in damp weather and in grand sand. When the fruits get ripen, the color turned dark. People like Picudo olive oil best for the taste of combined sweet and bitterness. Olive oil is considered as a very important food item, as any family celebration and get together is not possible without it. In some cases, people compare good wine with olive oil in importance.

Arbequina olive oil from the most cultivated olives!

Arbequina olive oil is one of the greatest olives produced in Spain. In Spain there is more than two hundreds two types of olives are available though those are not produced regularly. Only forty four types of olives are produced regularly. Arbequina olive is one of them. The oil produced from this type of olive is very popular. Arbequina olive oil is used for different purposes in our daily life.  Arbequina olive oil “src=

In the total production of olives produced in the Spain the Arbequina olive is produced more than 75%. This is the most cultivated olives in the world. Spanish company distributes Arbequina olive oil all most all the area of Mediterranean areas. The special climate as well as the soil gives this Arbequina olive as well as the Arbequina olive oil the special characteristics.  This Arbequina olive originated from the area in Lerida. It is cultivated more than 45000 hectares in the Lerida, Zaragoza and Tarragona.

The size of the Arbequina olive is oval. It has low ration of flesh and stone. The average size of this olive is 1.9 grams.  Because of this small size it is very hard to harvest automatically. Though having this problem Arbequina olive is produced in a very large amount as this olive is able to produce huge amount of oil. You will get more than 20.5% of oil from this Arbequina olive. So producer get a lot of Arbequina olive oil extracting little amount of olives.

Arbequina olive oil contains a very high level of linoleic acid and as a result it contains an oxidation.  So you have to store this oil in a cool and dark place. It is better to consume this olive oil as early as possible. The Arbequina olive oil is much dense and watery and taste like orchard fruits.

The harvesting process of Arbequina olive   is easy as the size of trees is very low. So you will be able to pick up fruits by your hand. The Arbequina olive oil is normally fruity, buttery. This oil has low level of polyphones which leads the shorter life of this Arbequina olive oil. Though there is a huge profits cultivating this Arbequina olive but the production normally hamper because of climate variation, like drought problem. Arbequina olive tress is able to cope with different situation of climates. But you will get the best production as well as best Arbequina olive oil in the hot, long and dry summers.

Arbequina olive oil is one of the best olive oils available in the market. Though it is very rich with linoleic it is not referred for cooking. This oil is better uncooked. Because this olive oil aromatic ingredient is very much volatile. It is better to take this Arbequina olive oil with salads, grill fish or body massage. This oil is very sensitive. If you want to buy this oil for using tries to utilize it as soon as possible. If you store more than one year the quality of this Arbequina olive oil will be degraded.

Best quality olive oil depends olives maturity

Best quality olive oil cannot be found all around the world. Spanish olive oils are considered as best quality olive oil. The quality of olive oils differs. Maturity of olives, time of harvest, after harvesting process etc all this affects the quality of olive oils. Maturity stages of olive oil are classified in to three levels. They are immature or the green olive, veraion olive, and mature or the black olive.  Best quality olive oil

Green or the immature olive oil are those which are quite firm and green in their color. The olive oil produced from these green olives are grassy as well as bitter than the other olive oils. This oil have vegetative characteristics. Oil from these immature olives are considered as best quality olive oil because it is very high in polyphenols which is anti oxidants and other components of flavor. This oil is bitter and spicy and have natural preservatives. So oil produced from the immature olives is free from any artificial preservatives. It is good for health. The amount of the chlorophyll content is very high in this oil so that it looks greener. All these beneficial features make this oil one of the best quality olive oil. It is true that the amount of the oil extract from these olives is low as the oil holding vacuoles in the olives cells cannot be trusted easily. This makes this olive oil costly.

The veraion is the second level of maturity of olives. In this stage the olives turns yellow green from green and become soften and also the skin of olives turns red purple. And it then started to show the characteristics of ripe fruit. This stage is called veraion. In this stage olives also contains a very high level of A. Oil produces from this oils are also considered as one of the best quality olive oil. At this stage oil become less bitter and less pungency. People who loves light tasted oil they can try this. There are a lot of brands oil available which are considered as best quality olive oil. like, Rincon de la Subbetica, Venta el Baron, Aldea Don Gil, Melgarejo Seleccion Gourmet, Fuenroble, etc.

The last stage of maturity of olive oil is the black one. When the olives matures more than the skin of olives become black from purple. Although all types of olives don’t get black. The flesh of olives also becomes dark. Oil produced from these olives are not best quality olive oil. The level of polyphenol as well as chhorophy11 become very low. And the amount of carotenoid increase. The oil produced form this late harvest is golden more in their color, less pungent, less bitter and a very short expiry date. This olive oil is considered as sweet oils.

There is a significant effect on the characteristics of olive oils and the quality of the olive oil. The best quality olive oil comes from the mature to red ripe stage. The last harvest of the olives is not only produce less bitter, less spicy oil but also these olives are easily destroyed. So that cause loss to the farmer and the quality of the olive oils. In a word, there are many things to consider having best quality olive oil it is not an easy process.

Best olive oil brands: Choose yours

Best olive oil brands are now available in almost all the countries in the world. There are a lot of countries who produce the olive oil. But all of those have not best olive oil brands. It is better to use olive oils which are best for massaging your skin, hair or making foods etc.

 Best olive oil brands Spain is one of the best producers of best olive oil brands. Some name  of the best olive oil brands are Rincon de la Subbetica, Venta el BaronAldea Don Gil, Melgarejo Seleccion Gourmet, Fuenroble etc. are some of the best olive oil in the world.

Mostly people use olive oil for cooking or dressing salads. So they always look for the best olive oils for their cooking. But most of the people don’t know what the best olive oil brands are. They also don’t know which brands oil will provide them the most cooking taste with less cholesterol, even when they consumed olive oil in high amount. So the question is which the best olive oil brands are.

If you want to get the best olive oil for your family and you then you will need to know about the olives   as well as determine the time of harvesting or picking. You may know that the olives oil are good in quality which are red ripe and which are from various types of green olives. Normally those are best olive oil brands which produce olive oil from large amount of red-ripe with small amount of green olive oils. Those Spanish brands have become the Best olive oil brands because they produce olive oil mixing these two types of olives. Method of extraction is also very important for producing the best quality olive oils. Research shows that you will get the best olive oil if you extract oil only giving pressure without adding any kind of chemical. This method is also known as cold pressing. This cold pressing is time consuming process but it ensures that the olive oils have comparatively lower acid than other oils. So when you going to shop olive oil are careful about the acid content, taste, aroma, quality, color as well as the flavor.

There is different kind of olive oils available in the market which is also best olive oil brands. Best olive oil brands offer now ‘extra virgin’ olive oil, ‘light olive oil’ and ‘Fino and Virgin olive oil’, etc. extra virgin is very high in their quality. It contains only one percent acid, highest fruit flavor. It is the finest olive oil. The price of this oil is very high. The light olive oil is lower in quality and it is regular oil. It has no flavor, light in their color and contains monounsaturated fat. It is normally used for baking or cooking purpose. Fino and Virgin olive oil is quite popular oil. It posses middle quality of extra virgin oil and light olive oils.

Green fruity olive oil: notes of freshness

Green Fruity olive oilGreen fruity olive oil, one of the positive attributes that provides tasters with specific flavours and scents depending on the original fruits and olive varieties. Symphony of sensations on the tongue.

Green fruity olive oil constitutes one of the favourite varieties for gourmets and cooks, as its special notes of freshness give them a sense of authenticity. As with vinegars or wines, olive oils can also be appreciated on the basis of their components, particularly fruit quality or ripening level.

In this sense, different categories can be established as for this product: green fruity olive oil, ripe fruity oil and even black fruity oil. Of course, these varieties could seem meaningless for non-specialised consumers, but they are quite significant for the cooking process.

For example, green fruity olive oil is especially appropriate for salads and other raw food or recipes, as its composition entails a preferably non-cooked format. Therefore, its usage in toast, vegetables and similar dishes is widely accepted, entailing as well a healthy tradition in Mediterranean areas.

On the other hand, concerning its composition, green fruity olive oil arises from green fruits that have been taken directly from the tree, before their fall onto the ground, not to forget that some fruits are better than others for this attribute to be achieved.

Furthermore, its greenish colour and its fruit scent along with a subtle bitterness and piquancy make green fruity olive oil the best option as a raw olive oil. However, other options are better for frying, baking or any other cooking system.

As opposed to green fruity olive oil, ripe fruity oil is commonly identified as the ideal variety for cooking. This means that recipes entailing any of the cooking modalities will be preferably prepared by using this type of olive oil.

Concerning its visual features, we can identify the ripe fruity oil when looking at its colour, because it varies from gold yellow to deep amber or even brown. Moreover, the scent normally arising from this variety reminds us  of flowers, lemon tree or almonds.

Regarding its composition, whereas green fruity olive oil is compounded by early fruits, ripe olives are used  to achieve the ripe fruity olive oil attribute or even the black fruity oil if the ripest fruits are chosen. In fact, the olive oil final colour will depend on this choice.

In conclusion, both green fruity olive oil and ripe fruity olive oil constitute popular and ideal varieties for our diet, above all in view of their health benefits and the symphony of sensations they cause on our tongues, Nevertheless, each one should be used for different purposes and recipes. That’s all!

What is extra virgin olive oil? Top ten for a healthy diet

What is extra virgin olive oil? This is a top ten product, an essential element for the Mediterranean diet and a basic ingredient for your health.

What is extra virgin olive oil? This is a question that maybe some of you have asked when referring to the ideal ingredient for salads or toast, but really not everybody in the world has a clear idea about this product’s composition or benefits. Evoo is the base for the Mediterranean diet and a clear example of health presented as golden liquid.What is extra virgin olive oil

Anyway, if you ask this question, what is extra virgin olive oil? anywhere in Spain, probably everybody will give a quite accurate answer, as it is a really well-known and popular product here. However, in some other countries this concept could be simply enigmatic. Extra virgin olive oil or Evoo, to be short, is a high-quality vegetable oil whose antioxidant proportion makes it the king of Mediterranean diet and the prince of the Spanish most ancestral traditions in gastronomy.

Which is the difference between ordinary olive oil, virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil? Of course, quality, as usual. Particularly, what is extra virgin olive oil? It is the olive oil attaining the best quality standards in this area, not just concerning composition and taste, but also regarding acidity and health benefits. In this sense, it is important to remember that Evoo is produced by using perfect maturity status olives, whose properties are the best among the best.

On the other hand, one of the commonest aspects being ascribed to Evoo is its exclusive character and its expensive price. Nevertheless, we are not used to comparing the real quality and this product’s price. So for the question what is extra virgin olive oil? some consumers provide a fixed reply: this is the type of vegetable oil I cannot afford. To this respect, some tests can be done to find a counterpart for such a common prejudice.

Evoo’s composition allows its properties to remain intact in spite of frying, grilling or baking processes. In fact, it doesn’t break down as easily as other oils, not to forget its texture and taste. So what is extra virgin olive oil? It is a mixture of special touch and magic flavour that make you save money and health.

Moreover, what is extra virgin olive oil from commercial viewpoint? It is the product you will start to find at all the supermarkets around the world, since it is the star product providing oleic acid, phenols and vitamin E whose consumption entails a direct positive effect against oxidation rate.

Concerning its health benefits, what is extra virgin olive oil and why is it so positive? No doubt, it is a key product, as it involves low-density lipoprotein levels, that is a notable decrease in oxidation. Therefore, it is a kind of preventive value tool.

In conclusion, what is extra virgin olive oil? The secret of ethernal youth for human cells and the best option for all kinds of recipes. And what is extra virgin olive oil for the Spanish culture? Its both, an emblem and a heritage.

Recommended quantity of extra virgin olive oil in our diet


The recommended quantity of extra virgin olive oil in our diet is a matter that concerns nutritionists, dieticians and consumers. It is known that evoo has multiple beneficial properties for health, but yet it is not determined which the recommended quantity of extra virgin olive oil in our diet is.

It is known that evoo is beneficial, but it is clear that an excess could be counter-productive. There are several theses in this respect; the most supported one by nutritionists and dieticians is that the recommended quantity of extra virgin olive oil in our diet should not exceeded three tablespoons per day.

Recommended quantity of extra virgin olive oil in our diet

This does not mean that we should consume those three tablespoons as a row ingredient. It is supposed that also the evoo used for cooking counts. Although three tablespoons are recommended, this does not mean that if we decide to reasonably increase that quantity, it is going to hurt us. There is no problem if instead of consuming three tablespoons we consume four. The  evoo is very beneficial and there is no problem unless we exceed the quantity of six tablespoons. Then, the damage caused by the exceeding might appear. Continue reading