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Organic extra virgin olive oil – 100% certified

The Western Partnership regulations protect the names of bottles of organic extra virgin olive oil and also local bread, fresh fruits, and vegetables. The regulation controls the use of “Traditional Specialty Guaranteed” (TSG), “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI) for farming items as well as the label “Protected Designation of Origin” (PDO) which is just like the PDO and PGI designations but does not place any restrictions on the geographical origin of the item.

organic extra virgin olive oil To get the PDO position, an whole item must be typically and entirely created (prepared, ready and produced) within the particular area and thus obtain exclusive qualities, and whose top quality or qualities are significantly or specifically determined by the geographical environment, such as natural and human factors, Organic agriculture is an agriculture system that is designed to give clients the best, top quality, most natural, and best foods and in the process views the important part of features and natural life-cycle systems. Organic extra virgin olive oil agriculture contains methods such as vegetation rotating, natural manure, technological pest management and specialized methods growing floor, generate vegetation and limit bugs. It looks for to limit or completely eliminate synthetic fertilizers and bug fumigations. It also boundaries genetically personalized foods and contains creature feed that is natural and free of androgenic hormone or testosterone and ingredients.

organic extra virgin olive oil To get the PGI position, the whole item must be typically and at least partly created (prepared, ready or produced) within the particular area and thus obtain exclusive qualities. The item has a particular top quality, a good reputation or other attribute property, because of its geographical origin. As the people have become more health-conscious, natural organic extra virgin olive oil agriculture and natural items have improved in reputation and customers have become much more conscious of what they buy and what they put into their systems. With the press channels, and especially the world wide web, customers are much more advised about foodstuffs and manufacturing than ever before and the common understanding is that natural meals are excellent to nonorganic meals.

The Traditional Specialty Guaranteed is a signature for a farming item or a food, which has a certain feature or a set of features, setting it clearly apart from other identical items or foods from the same classification. The item or food must be created using traditional ingredients or must be attribute for its traditional structure, production process, or handling showing a normal type of production or handling of organic extra virgin olive oil. In other words, to get a TSG position, the organic extra virgin olive oil does not have to be created in a particular geographically delimited area; it is sufficient that it be traditional and different from other identical product

The PDO organic extra virgin olive oil is entirely harvested, ready, ready and created in the area of Spain. The organic extra virgin olive oil is 100% naturally from the Sparta area of Portugal. Organic extra virgin olive oil of Spain provides customers with the finest top quality PDO, PGI, traditional and entirely organic items. The high top quality of our items is guaranteed and provides the various Western Partnership brands with guarantee. After trying this items you will see – and taste! – That our whole production is a class above anything else in the marketplace!

PDO extra virgin olive oil-olive oil of rigorous quality

PDO extra virgin olive oilPDO extra virgin olive oil is produced under the regulation of European council following the traditional method if producing olive oil in Spain. PDO qualified olive oil will deliver the same flavor from the oil expected by the customers. Even the raw materials of PDO extra virgin olive oil must be collected from specific place selected by the product denomination of origin and regulatory committee. Local working knowledge, soil nature and climate will affect the flavor, taste and quality of the olive oil. Production process of this high quality virgin olive oil will be completed in specified zone for ensuring the desired olive oil of the customers.

PDO extra virgin olive oilIn the quality olive oil producing territory, olive trees were cultivated before thousands year for producing PDO extra virgin olive oil. Here, the production method of the olive oil has not been changed and workers follow the process as typical method. Several monasteries, castles and villages are available in the region and all of those are covered with olive orchards. Majestic olive trees are available in this region and it denotes the ancient prosperity of olive cultivation in this region. Aristocratic customers are always concerned about their status and expensive olive oil is always attractive to them. This category of customers is never ready to compromise with the quality of the olive oil. PDO extra virgin olive oil is completely free from any defect.

Fresh olive flavor is very much important for the customers of PDO extra virgin olive oil. This olive oil is high quality extra virgin olive oil and very low level of acidity is available in this olive oil. Oleic acid level in this olive oil is around 0.8 grams, which is lower than the average. The production process of PDO extra virgin olive oil will be completed with fully mechanical means and the temperature must be kept in such level that will not decrease the quality of this olive oil.

International olive council recognizes a testing panel, which is trained and they complete a sensory evaluation. This testing panel and a laboratory chemical test will qualify any olive oil to be listed as extra virgin olive oil. This PDO extra virgin olive oil is completely free from any defects apart from fruitiness. This olive oil is extracted from fresh olives and no additives are added in the time of oil extraction. Different factors including producer’s dedication, production practices and countless decision influence the taste and quality of PDO extra virgin olive oil.

Spicy flavor of olive fruits in olive actually denotes the authenticity of the olive oil that it has been extracted from fresh directly taken olives of Spain. From ripe olives, we can extract floral, battery, aromatic and milder oil. But green olives give oil like pungent, herbaceous, bitter and grassy. Variety of the olives can makes changes in the fruitiness in the oil. PDO extra virgin olive oil can be ripe or green, but it must be collected from selected are. Only PDO extra virgin olive oil can ensure the rigorous quality of the olive oil.

Priego De Córdoba olive oil: a PDO Qualified Aromatic Extra virgin Olive Oil

Priego De Córdoba olive oilPriego De Córdoba olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil which is obtained from the different kinds of olive fruit trees. These kinds of varieties are Picudo, Picual and Hojiblanco. This oil is mainly obtained by using the mechanical methods so that it could not cause any alteration to this Priego De Córdoba olive oil, retaining the actual nice flavor, fragrance and the original attributes of olive from which this is obtained.

In Spain this Priego De Córdoba olive oil has a slightly herbaceous nose, with the suggestions of fruit such as the apple to a smaller degree, other kinds of fruits and veggies, for example tomatoes. Their excellent surprising sweet taste in the oral cavity progressively gives way to a minor, and very enjoyable, bitter effectiveness of green nuances. Moreover, the finish is a weak, hardly obvious essence in the back of the oral cavity. It is when the scents come into their own, with the fruity notes and the fruitiness at best. All these mean that Priego De Córdoba olive oil is one kind of fruity smelled oil which carries a great balance of flavor.

Priego De Córdoba olive oilIn Spain, the solidity and submission of olive farms differ little from one town to the next. According to the Priego De Córdoba olive oil, in the mature olive groves, solidity varies from 50 to 80 plants per hectare (2.5 acres), while in more recent ones it can be as high as 100 or 150. So called agriculture techniques used are regional to the immediate place.  The olives from this PDO area in Spain are intended only for olive oil development. Over all these years, the beginning of the collection of these olives has progressively been introduced forward for acquiring better quality Priego De Córdoba olive oil. The collection is performed punctiliously, with the olives which have moved the soil being sided from those olives which have not.

Some aspects are there behind the reputation of this Priego De Córdoba olive oil all over the world. In Spain, this oil elimination is mainly performed by only one personal awesome pressure for avoiding the components’ motions loss which actually gives the function perfume. This managing style of Sierra Priego De Córdoba olive oil in Spain also allows in identifying the extra virgin quality oil as well as achieving stability when maintaining healthier value. It also provides healthier natural vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Priego De Córdoba olive oil functions a main part in sustain wellness, especially in the so-called ‘Mediterranean diet’. Its benefits are also well recognized. This oil has handled its material over hundreds of years, where techniques of elimination and growth have been perfected. During these years, its utilization has also been improved, and different types have revealed up such as improved oil and long with the most well-known wide range of additional virgin mobile oil. As with all the most well-known items of gastronomy, quality is assured through the PDO qualifications. There has been no kind of adjustment from selection of the olives to overall look in your arms. Priego De Córdoba olive oil maintains all its perfume, flavor and natural vitamins.

Poniente De Granada olive oil: Offers Sweet Taste and Excellent Essence

Poniente De Granada olive oil Poniente De Granada olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil which is obtained from different kinds of olive fruit varieties. And those varieties of olive tree are Picudo, Marteño/ Picual, Hojiblanca, Loaime, Nevadillo de Alhama de Granada and Lucio. This Poniente De Granada olive oil offers a great deal of aromas like aroma from fresh fruit, grass, fig, ripe fruit etc. This oil is light, very well balanced as well as curved on its taste, with clues of little of bitterness and essence that balance perfectly with the others of sweet taste.

In the Poniente De Granada olive oil polyphones are moderately stable and highly balanced. Because of various types of olive fruits used and the regional environment, the olives in Spain’s PDO or protected denomination of origin are unhealthy acidity content is well healthy – an important nutritional benefit. The levels of the oleic acidity are ranged from medium or normal to high, since those olives from PDO are of linoleic acidity, as well as the rate of the unsaturated to soaked body fat is also in a high position. This is the reason the quality of Poniente De Granada olive oil is ensured as a good one.

Poniente De Granada olive oil Growing, which should be of perfect olives only, needs to be done through choosing them straight off the olive tree using either the conventional method of trembling the divisions with long posts, or technical trembling equipment or a mixture of the two. In Spain this is how the Poniente De Granada olive oil has been cared while harvesting. The fruits of olive must be always transferred to work in large, in vehicles or firm percussion. The factories of making Poniente De Granada olive oil must be of sufficient potential to deal with the highest possible amounts of olives provided per day. Farming must be done in authorized oil factories, within at least 48 hours of the harvesting.

The Poniente De Granada olive oil must be stored, in warehouses, in stainless steel or steel tanks lined with food grade cladding, or in traditional trujales. All such tanks must be completely closed in and have a lid that is removable for cleaning. They must also have a sloping base or one shaped like a truncated cone, and is fitted with sample-taking facilities. The warehouses and tanks must be climate controlled to avoid major temperature variations that would affect the qualities of the oil.

The Poniente De Granada olive oil must be saved, in manufacturing features, in the stainless-steel or in metal tanks covered with the food-grade cladding, or else in conventional trujales. These metal tanks need to be totally shut in and need to have lid which is detachable for cleaning. This Poniente De Granada olive oil must have sloping format or one formed like a cut down spool, as well as need to be fixed with the sample-taking feature. The manufacturing features and the tanks need to be environment friendly to avoid the major heat range modifications that could impact the features of the oil.

Light Olive Oil available with pale color and less flavor

Light olive oil Light olive oil is extracted from olives that are not allowed for extracting extra virgin olive oil. So it is very clear that in terms of quality, this olive oil is less pure than virgin olive oil. Later this olive oil is refined using chemical, thermal, mechanical and other methods to make it ready for consumption. But, there are some problems with this refined olive oil. The color and taste of light olive oil can be changed and low. Sometimes, high quality extra virgin olive oil is mixed with this olive oil to make it tasty as well as attractive to customers. When high quality olive oil is mixed with this olive oil, the flavor and color become changed to some extent. In this stage this olive reaches in such a stage that is not wastage olive oil or high quality virgin olive oil. Rather the quality is light and thus keeping its name upheld. In some cases different types of oils are mixed in this oil including canola oil and vegetable oil.

Light olive oil People can develop a question about the difference of extra virgin high quality olive oil and this light olive oil. The main similarity is that both of these are extracted from olive oil and contain the benefits of olive oil consumption. Mono-saturated fat is present in both of these olive oils and we all know that this fat is a catalyst of decreasing the amount of cholesterol and blood pressure in human body. But extra virgin olive oil is in better position than light olive oil in terms of oleic acid composition.

This olive oil has taken this olive in a better place to be considered healthier for our body. In light olive oil flavor and color are not too strong for using this in topping as well as dressing of food items. But the dressing can be perfect with extra virgin high quality olive oil. When people need to cook their food items with high heat; they should use light olive oil. There is a reason of higher smoking point of this olive oil.

At the first stage of changing the color as well as flavor of this olive oil, vegetable oil is mixed with light olive oil. If the customers are searching for olive oil for deep frying, light olive oil will be the solution for them. If extra virgin high quality olive oil is used for frying in high heat, the flavor can be removed from the olive oil.

As extra virgin high quality olive oil has strong flavor and color, so it will be tough to remove the flavor and color from the dishes after finishing the meals. In light olive oil there is no cholesterol, no high fat and no sodium. For eating purpose this olive oil is better as it is refined heavily for its flavor and color. In baking purpose, this light olive oil for its mixture as well as pale color. The fat amount in this olive oil is not more than regular vegetable oil.

Blended Olive Oil-mixed of different types of olive oil

Blended Olive OilBlended olive oil in most of the supermarket products of olive oil are the blend of olive oil from different varieties, countries and regions. Blended olive oil has its own appeal to people for the stability of taste as well as quality. The taste and flavor of olive oil of the same orchard or grove can be changed for various reasons including weather. Blenders have been trained for mixing the olive oil from different sources. In this Olive Oil, the quality remains almost the same as the ingredients are taken from separate paces. Blending a high quality olive oil with several average quality oils does not give guarantee of a high quality olive oil mixture.

In blended olive oil, sometimes the blenders mix vegetable or canola oils to make it better for cooking purpose in high temperature. But in time of labeling the products for marketing, workers must state the mixture on the label. Some deceitful people mix hazelnut oil in blended olive oil to get higher profit. Hazelnut oil is cheap and available to buy from the market difficult to detect after mixing with olive oil. Mixed olive oil never gives surety about the characteristics of any specific olive oil brand. But the buyers can be sure of the same attributed of the oil each time they buy.

For getting blended olive oil, olive oil is taken from different olive varieties. Single variety olive oil has strong flavor and color that are not fully suitable for cooking but, blended olive oil is perfect for baking as well as cooking purpose. Because, in cooking the oil must put over deep heat and keep for a longtime. But the flavor and color of unique olive oil can be changed in the time of frying. After blending several types of olive oil together, the olive oil becomes lighter. Light olive oil has consistent flavor and color with ability to tolerate deep taste.

Blended Olive OilBlended olive oil is not produced under the control of the Denomination of Origin and the regulatory committee. As extra virgin olive oil is of high quality, but blended olive oil is the mixture of different olive oils and the quality is not higher. Regulatory committee does not allow all of the olives to be included in the extraction of extra virgin olive oil. But all types of olives including the olives fell on the ground. So the quality of this mixed olive oil is not ensured.

Blended olive oil has its own market segment of customers and it is kept differentiated in the supermarkets for its customers. If customers ask about the quality of this olive oil, at least it can be said that blended olive oil is not the worst quality olive oil. The variety of this mixed olive oil is not unique but both high and low quality varieties have contribution. Collecting from various places the olive oil is mixed together. But sometimes, different varieties of the same farm can make the mixed olive oil after combined together.

Montoro-Adamuz Olive Oil: Naturally Healthy and Fruity Flavored

Montoro-Adamuz olive oil Montoro-Adamuz olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil which is acquired from fruit of different kinds of olive shrub types. These types are Lechín, Nevadillo Negro. Though, Carrasqueño, Picudo and Picual types are also used in minimal amounts in this oil. This Montoro-Adamuz olive oil has excellent fragrant complexity, with extreme olive fruitiness, a higher natural foliage material and some hints of perfect ripe fruits. This oil is quite heavy in the mouth, with excellent body, as a result of their excellent oleic acid material, and an attribute average amount bitterness and spiciness, with the natural foliage tastes and fruitiness coming through strongly.

Spain is the top manufacturer of this Montoro-Adamuz olive oil with 975,000 tons (roughly) produced per year in ten areas of the country. One of the areas of PDO or protected denomination of origins for example Montoro-Adamuz olive oil lead to around seventy five percent of nation’s annual extra virgin olive oil making mainly from the Picual, Picudo,  Lechin, Nevadillo Negro, and Carrasqueño. There are some famous brands of this olive oil and those are Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar, Parqueoliva Serie Oro, and so on.

Montoro-Adamuz olive oilThe Montoro-Adamuz olive oil has a level of acidity of less than 0.5 degree, moisture of under 0.1%, a highest possible bleach value of 20. This oil has an excellent oleic acidity material, a higher polyunsaturated/ monounsaturated rate and a higher polyphenols material, providing it great balance and an attribute of bitterness. Olive groves of this Montoro-Adamuz olive oil are usually placed in a 10×10 m / 32.8×32.8 ft design, though this might differ slightly; more latest farms are done in small styles, different between 7×5 m / 22.9×16.4 ft to 9×9 / 16.4×16.4 ft. The densities vary from 80 to 300 plants each hectare, with prevalence of the groves of in between 100 to 160 trees per hectare.

In Spain, Montoro-Adamuz olive oil is the best quality olive oil and there are some geographical reasons and some other reasons. The ground of Spain PDO is not far too proved helpful and normally includes 1 or 2 passes with wheel or harrow. On considerably sloping land, ground is not proved helpful as well as undergrowth around the plants is maintained. The olives are motivated to grow beneath trees as a technique of preventing ground break down. As far manure use is actually concerned, the nutritional value replacement technique is used, since the ground is superficial and particularly not rich. The manure used is fairly neutral acid or pH, depending on requirements of the plants and the ground. The fertilizers are formulated with the organic material along with calcium for improving the ground structure and providing the nutritional value that the plants need to flourish. These are the production methods which make this Montoro-Adamuz olive oil high quality.

Development place of these kinds of olives ideal for the Montoro-Adamuz olive oil secured denomination of source is regional part of Montoro-Adamuz.  This PDO place is mainly known for the superficial ground, extreme hills, low winter heat range as well as hot summertime. These features of this place are completely accountable for making this Montoro-Adamuz olive oil so positive and so unique kind. That is the reason this oil quality so good and the flavor is healthy.

Montes De Granada olive oil – PDO covered excellent quality olive oil

Montes De Granada olive oilMontes De Granada olive oil is produced in the famous olive growing area of Granada province. This province is well known from the Arabian time for producing excellent quality olive oil. In Montes De Granada olive oil, the amount of oleic acid and essential nutrient with slightly bitter taste has made it perfect for any balanced diet. The variety of this olive oil is 80% from the Picual variety and the rest 15% taken from Loaime and Lucio. Hojiblanca and several other varieties have a contribution of around 5% in this virgin olive oil. Montes De Granada is the province, where this olive oil is mostly produced and the mountain range of this area is the perfect place. Several brands of this live oil are Oro Bailen, Aldea de don, etc.

Designation of Origin is responsible for looking over the production process of Montes De Granada olive oil. This regulation council allows the directly harvested olives from the trees to go in the extraction process. Varieties of Montes De Granada olive oil can change the taste of oil. Deep green and greenish yellow are two different colors of this olive oil vary due to the seasoning as well as varieties. Designation covered olives are very fresh, aromatic, slightly bitter and rich in taste. Montes de Granada is situated at the southern part of the country and all of the varieties of Montes De Granada olive grow in the Designation protected area.

Degree of ripeness can determine the bitterness as well as the sweetness of Montes De Granada olive oil. Picual variety is predominant and its greenish color prevails in the olive oil. The present of other varieties in this olive oil can temper the attribute as well as flavor and colors. The amount of oleic acid in Montes De Granada olive oil is about 80% and sometimes this amount can be higher than 83%. This olive oil is very stable in chemical mean. The components of this olive oil have made this oil resistant against oxidation in comparison with other olive oils.

Montes De Granada olive oilThe planting of these olive trees are completely dependent on the age of plantations. Winter, autumn and rainy season are the best time for capitalizing the olive trees. For preventing soil compaction and moisture loss, soil is turned over. Pruning is very much important for removing the unproductive shoots as well as branches. Irrigation system has great effect on the Montes De Granada olive oil quality. Farmers can regulate the growth of the olive trees using pruning. Fertilization is also important and farmers select the fertilization based on soil type and Montes De Granada olive oil variety.

For producing Montes De Granada olive oil, workers always take the olive trees to the mills just after picking up from the trees. Olives that fall on the ground are taken to the mill through different line and kept in separate category. This olive category will not be allowed to take into the extraction zone of product denomination of origin. When the extraction is finished, Montes De Granada olive oil will be stored in tanks made of stainless steel.

Montes de Toledo olive oil requires Extra Processing Care

Montes de Toledo olive oilMontes de Toledo olive oil is a high quality olive oil. This extra virgin olive oil is also known as Navalmorales Oil. It has come from variety of Cornicabra olive. It constitutes around hundred percent of cultivated surface territory. The olive groves of Montes de Toledo cover around 54,500 hectares. The olives are actually harvested by beating style. The taste of this Montes de Toledo olive oil is clean, aromatic, fruity, persistent with the bitter aftertaste as well as a little bit spicy. The color differs between extreme green and yellow-gold. Generally, the olive oil secured under this denomination feel very heavy in the oral cavity and is very constant.

In Spain, Montes de Toledo olive oil Denomination of Origin or PDO covers a surface comprising of one hundred and three towns in south-western portion of Toledo and north-west portion of the Ciudad Real. The olive plants, on small family plants, are treated meticulously to achieve the best quality oil.  There are some brands of this Montes de Toledo olive oil in Spain and those are Melgarejo Fantoio Selection, Venta Baron, and so on.

Montes de Toledo olive oilMontes de Toledo olive oil is characteristically intensely fresh. Dominant of origin olive’s aromas of the ripe apples are accompanied by others of the fresh grass, citrus and other fruits. In the mouth, the flavor is almond-y with medium-level bitterness and piquancy. The color of the Montes de Toledo olive oil varies depending on the timing of the harvest and geographical location within region, which has a ranging from the deep green to golden yellow.

Montes de Toledo olive oil is usually extremely clean and spicy. Prominent scents of natural and perfect celery are associated with others of clean lawn and frequently hints of grape, lemon or lime and other fruits. In the mouth, the taste is almond-y with medium-level anger and essence. The olives are harvested directly from tree using either the traditional methods of hand-picking and dislodging the olives by shaking the branches with long poles, or mechanical vibrating equipment. In Spain, these methods are used alternately from one season to the next to avoid harming the tree. Only those olives which have not yet touched the soil can be easily used for the Protected DO oil that is why they are completely separated off at the harvesting time. This is how the nature of the original Montes de Toledo olive oil has been restored.

The Montes de Toledo olive oil is always transferred to the work in large, in trailer or firm space for storage containers. They must be sent to the work within at most 24 hours of growing to avoid their being mashed by their own weight during space for storage and fermentation establishing. In Spain, it is required for a worker in the mill’s wedding celebration garden be accountable for guaranteeing that the provided olives are perfectly categorized and divided into quality groups. Each work must have a system in place that assures that olives that have not moved the floor and those that have are unloaded individually, and guarantees that the different features of Montes de Toledo olive oil are kept apart throughout, and are individually prepared.

Monterrubio olive oil with fruity flavor and low acidity

Monterrubio olive oilMonterrubio olive oil is extracted from fresh olives and the main varieties are Jabata (Picual) and Cornezuelo. This olive oil is very aromatic and fruity that people like very much. Greenish yellow color and stability have taken this olive oil at the front row of popular olive oils. Its flavor is quite fruity with little bit pungent as well as bitter taste. In laboratory analysis, the maximum amount of acidity in this olive oil is 0.5%. The cultivation of Aceite Monterrubio olive trees has become easier and the lighter method of cultivation is used. For the fertilization process, two different types of fertilization technique are used. The soil and leaves method is mineral fertilization system and pig or soil fertilization system is organic. Perfect fertilization also has effect of Monterrubio olive oil.

After the harvesting period is over from February to march, pruning process starts for removing the unnecessary objects from the olive trees. The pruning period is twice in a year including the early and late summer. If any shoots are found at the ground area of the olive trees, they are removed very carefully. Specific technique was developed in ancient time and that techniques used to finish pruning safely. Perfect and timely pruning can develop Monterrubio olive oil quality. In most of the olive orchards following dry farming techniques, but recently started drip irrigation system has made Monterrubio olive oil more acceptable.

Monterrubio olive oilOlives taken directly from the olive trees are allowed to take into the Monterrubio olive oil extraction process. Olives fell on the ground will not go in the extraction mill. Traditional method of harvesting the olives with hand is used. Sometimes the mechanical method of picking up the olives with machine is used. The harvester machine is with or without umbrella. If the farmers want to extract high quality Monterrubio olive oil, they must send the olives within 66 hours for extraction. The Product Denomination of Origin has set the time limit for maintain the quality of olive oil.

There are two different types of olive oil extraction methods are usually used by the farmers. Traditional or discontinuous extraction method and the second one is continuous extraction method. If any hard object is found with the olives like stones or leaves they are carefully removed from the olives. Grinding stones are made of granite and cone shaped that is used to make paste from the olives. Time taken for crushing the olives should be according to the varieties to get the perfect Monterrubio olive oil quality. When the extraction process is finished, oil is differentiated by decantantation method is used for taking the Monterrubio olive oil out of the paste.

In continuous extraction method, olives are taken into the cleaning unit is the mill. Knife crusher is used for making the paste from the olives. Centrifugation is used for extracting Monterrubio olive oil. After removing all impurities from Monterrubio olive oil, it is stored for packaging before placing in the market. Only glass or metal object is used for packaging this olive oil.