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Green fruity olive oil: notes of freshness

Green Fruity olive oilGreen fruity olive oil, one of the positive attributes that provides tasters with specific flavours and scents depending on the original fruits and olive varieties. Symphony of sensations on the tongue.

Green fruity olive oil constitutes one of the favourite varieties for gourmets and cooks, as its special notes of freshness give them a sense of authenticity. As with vinegars or wines, olive oils can also be appreciated on the basis of their components, particularly fruit quality or ripening level.

In this sense, different categories can be established as for this product: green fruity olive oil, ripe fruity oil and even black fruity oil. Of course, these varieties could seem meaningless for non-specialised consumers, but they are quite significant for the cooking process.

For example, green fruity olive oil is especially appropriate for salads and other raw food or recipes, as its composition entails a preferably non-cooked format. Therefore, its usage in toast, vegetables and similar dishes is widely accepted, entailing as well a healthy tradition in Mediterranean areas.

On the other hand, concerning its composition, green fruity olive oil arises from green fruits that have been taken directly from the tree, before their fall onto the ground, not to forget that some fruits are better than others for this attribute to be achieved.

Furthermore, its greenish colour and its fruit scent along with a subtle bitterness and piquancy make green fruity olive oil the best option as a raw olive oil. However, other options are better for frying, baking or any other cooking system.

As opposed to green fruity olive oil, ripe fruity oil is commonly identified as the ideal variety for cooking. This means that recipes entailing any of the cooking modalities will be preferably prepared by using this type of olive oil.

Concerning its visual features, we can identify the ripe fruity oil when looking at its colour, because it varies from gold yellow to deep amber or even brown. Moreover, the scent normally arising from this variety reminds us  of flowers, lemon tree or almonds.

Regarding its composition, whereas green fruity olive oil is compounded by early fruits, ripe olives are used  to achieve the ripe fruity olive oil attribute or even the black fruity oil if the ripest fruits are chosen. In fact, the olive oil final colour will depend on this choice.

In conclusion, both green fruity olive oil and ripe fruity olive oil constitute popular and ideal varieties for our diet, above all in view of their health benefits and the symphony of sensations they cause on our tongues, Nevertheless, each one should be used for different purposes and recipes. That’s all!