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Regular virgin olive oil: methods of solvents or reeasterification excluded

Regular virgin olive oil is obtained from olives or tree fruits with the help of machine or any other physical tools. It is obtained in that way which ensures that the oil won’t lose or alter any of its impotent features. We get the regular virgin olive oil after some processing like washing, centrifuging, decanting as well as filtering. The process of obtain olive oil excludes all kind of use methods of solvents or re-easterification.

Regular virgin olive oil Regular virgin olive oil has free acidity. The acid remains in this oil are called oleic acid. The level of oleic acid is 3.3 grams in the one hundred grams of oil. So this means you will get 3.3% oleic acid with the one hundred gram regular virgin olive oil. According to the measurement of IOOC standards this level of acidity is fixed by the other characteristic like type of olives, harvest time, processing methods etc. regular olive oil is not safe for consuming. It is considered as low quality olive oil. This olive oil is considered as lampante olive oil in many countries.

Regular virgin olive oil Olive oil is not a new product. This has been using for many decades because of its ability to provide mankind with its healthiest features. Olive oil is fatty oil. The fat remain in this oil is called monounsaturated fat which is a friendly fat for human. Like other oil’ fat this is not harmful for the heart. This fat has the ability to change the HDL cholesterol into LDL. And all we know that the HDL cholesterol is harmful for the body and LDL is helpful for body. Another source of LDL is the fat of fish. But if you don’t want to eat fish then may be the great source of LDL cholesterol is olive oil. Unfortunately regular virgin olive oil is not capable to provide you all these benefits. This is not considered as good olive oil for the human consuming.

Olive oil is one of the few oils which you can take in the virgin form and the virgin form will provide you the maximum benefits. The necessarily of olive oil cannot be described in one word. If you notice you can see that olive oil is now hugely used in our daily purpose like making foods, salads, fry, taking care of your skin, hair, nails, legs etc and even this oil is used for take care of your furniture, stainless still etc. There are now a huge variety of olive oils available in the market. And among this Spanish olive oil is the best. Olive oil can be divided in to three forms. Regular virgin olive oil one of them. And this regular virgin olive oil is not best for using.

Some people think a lot about money. So when they found regular virgin olive oil in a very lower price they run for this. This is the trick of some business company. Be careful about using olive oil. Regular virgin olive oil is normally best to use as polish or fuel.

Refined olive oil: a low quality oil

Refined olive oil is that kind of oil which is gained from the virgin olive oil by applying the refining methods. That refining method will not hamper the initial glyceridic configuration of olive oil. Refined olive oil consist of free acidity, has oleic acid which is not more than .3 percent per one hundred grams of olive oil according to the standard of IOOC.

The refined olive oil is normally odorless, tasteless as well as colorless. Most of the countries people ban this olive oil for human use as it is odorless and tasteless not because it is harmful for the body or the poor quality of it. Some people think that refined olive oil is unfit for human use but there is no declaration of it from the IOOC.

refined olive oil The refined olive oil is extracted by refining the virgin olive oil and it has high level of acidity or you may call it organoleptic problems which are estimated after processing the virgin olive oil. Refined olive oil is produced because more than fifty percent of olive oil produced in the area of Mediterranean areas is very poor in their quality. So that olive oil needs a refining process to make it use worthy. To get the refined oil no solvents are normally used but the oil is refined with the help of using charcoal as well as other physical and chemical filters. This refined oil is equivalent of pure olive oil. Not all the olive oil needs refining process. Those olives are harvested from October to January in the Mediterranean area poses poor quality and only those oil need refining process.refined olive oil

There are a huge difference between the extra virgin olive oil and the refined olive oil.  We all know that the extra virgin olive oil very rich in their quality and this is considered as the number one olive oil. The refined olive oil is produced form the olive waste like press cake, saturated filter sand as well as rancid oil. It is produced in the chemical plant to make it use worthy. The extra virgin olive oil is available in different colors, taste and smells. From that option you will be able to choose your suitable one but in that case the refined oil is not able to provide you well.  Extra virgin olive oil is very rich with vitamin E, Viscosity (syrupiness) levels as well as other different necessary items which are very much helpful for our body. But the refined oil has lacking of these features. Most importantly in the refined oil there is Benzopyrene substance is existed, which is one of the factor of causing cancer. In this case the extra virgin olive oil is safe.

It is better not to use refined olive oil for direct consuming purpose of human. Refined olive oil will provide you best for polishing your furniture; keep your stainless still safe etc. So when you want to consume olive oil it is better choose extra virgin olive oil rather than refined olive oil.

Hojiblanca olive oil – most popular olive oil in Spain

Hojiblanca olive oilHojiblanca olive oil can be found in plenty in Cordoba, Seville and Malaga. Hojiblanca olives are the mark of antiquity in Spain and mainly produced for collecting olive oil. Hojiblanca olive is available in various flavors in Spain including lightly peppery, fruity, bitter sweet and almonds. Hojiblanca olive oil is mainly preferred for its frying sautéing and frying facility. Not only in frying, people also like to use this olive oil in baking. This olive oil is the result of olive crush and has slight pepper taste. In the international competitions of olive oils Hojiblanca oil is constantly prevailing at the first position.

In cooking fish, vegetables and meat, Hojiblanca olive oil is given the most importance. Some brands of Hojiblanca olive oil are Rincon de la subbeticaOro bailen, Venta Baron, Parqueoliva Serie Oro, etc. Apart from the other olive oil classes; Hojiblanca oil is especially different for its aftertaste, smoothness and flavor. Low saturated fat and taste are two specific reasons why people randomly choose this olive oil. Hojiblanca oil is different in the extraction process and it is completely safe for heart. Natural process is maintained to produce this olive oil.

Hojiblanca olive oil

The difference between Hojiblanca olive oil and others will not be clear to you, before tasting it with bread on your breakfast plate. Its spicy and bitter taste will take different place in your mind and you will remember it distinctively. A slight mistake in cooking can be covered with olive oil as it can increase the taste of food item and make attractive. Hojiblanca olive oil can be used raw and in cooking. Frying vegetables and grilling meats will get new type of taste after using this olive oil. Though, extra amount of oil will increase the amount of calories in the food item, olive oil will create positive effect on health for its antioxidant properties.

In Spain there are 260 types of olive are being cultivated regularly. The variety of fragrance and flavor gives different experience about the diversity in the taste of Spanish people. In Spain, there are so many variations in olive oil preference that it is really difficult to figure out one specific type of olive oil for everything. Home cooks and chefs always choose their type based on their need. Different olive oil give different flavor and people, who like the flavor of Hojiblanca, select Hojiblanca olive oil. Half of the total production of olive oil in the world takes place in Spain. If you can see the use of olive oil, especially Hojiblanca olive oil, then you will have no doubt.

If any people want to taste all of the categories of olive oil in Spain that is possible, but he can never remember differently. But, some people like specific olive oil like Hojiblanca olive oil. They have their own argument supporting their taste. People like Hojiblanca olive oil as it is chilling and stable in taste as well as use. This olive oil is great for gazpachos. In international olive oil competitions, Hojiblanca oil is the most popular olive oil.

Olive oil for salads: which one is best?

Olive oil for salads is now very commonly used in these times. But all the olive oil is not suitable to make salads. Which is the best olive oil for salads is a very common question. Extra virgin oil is perfect to make salads. Olive oil is very reach in their quality. The most common and favorite olive oil for making salads is Rincon de la Subbetica. The producer of this oil is Spain. This oil is rich in flavor, fragrant and other vitamin ingredients which are very helpful to making salads, dipping and cooking. Mainly people of America, Italy as well as Spain use this extra virgin olive oil for salads. Melgarejo Delicatesen, Melgarejo Selection, and Castillo de Canena Reserva Familiar Picual are very popular to be put in salads. olive oil for salads

There is no hard and fast rule to use the olive oil for salads. The using amount is totally depends on the personal taste and choice. As there is no such thing like best wine or cheese, there is no olive oil that is best. People of different choice take different types as well as different amount of olive oil for salads. You can store olive oil for months if you don’t open up the bottle or tin and place out it in the direct light. The flavor of the olive oil will decreas if you keep your oil opens in the air. The most mild flavor olive oil is more fragile to loss their fragrance. There are some other olive oil which can be kept for two to three years without having any serious effect on its fragrance.

I said earlier that the taste of the salads varies. So that people choose different types of olive oil for making salads.  ‘Aguibal Arbequina Unfiltered’ (taste: Unfiltered dense and fluid oil with apple overtones), ‘Aguibal Manzanilla Unfiltered’ (taste: gentle, fresh, a little peppery), ‘Aguibal Arbequina Unfiltered’ (taste: Unfiltered for a strong full bodied taste with spicy overtones), ‘Carbonell Extra Virgin’ (taste: general favorite for decades – versatile middle of the road flavor) etc are mostly used olive oils for salads, foods, fried foods etc. Spain is the large producer of these olive oils

If you really want to use olive oil for salads it is better to choose the ‘extra virgin oil’ and ‘virgin olive oil’. Both of these oils are cold pressed from olives without having any heat as well as chemicals. So these will be better for your health. Those oils are good for making salads which contains rich amount of ‘monounsaturated fat’, ‘alpha linolenic acid’ and ‘phytochemicals’. Both the ‘extra virgin’ olive oil and ‘ virgin’ olive oils contains these ingredients. Olive oil is also a great source of vitamin E.

Salads are mainly condumed by American people, Italian people. They normally have good health. The secret of their good health is their food habit. They not only use olive oil for salads but also making pasta, pizza or any other foods. People use olive oil for salads to bring extra taste as well as decorative purpose. Choose olive oil for salads and other foods according to your taste and be healthy!

Extra virgin olive oil for hair: homemade shampoo recipes and hair growth treatments

Extra virgin olive oil for hairThere are a lot of cosmetics trademarks exploiting extra virgin olive oil qualities in cosmetic products. Many of them use olive oil in hair treatments, shampoos, hair masks and hair conditioners. These products are demanded by customers and are sold out very quickly. Usually, these products are a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and other ingredients such as aloe vera in order to increase hair benefits.

However, for those people interested in creating their homemade cosmetic products, we have written this post to show you some very well-known recipes with very good results. They are very easy to prepare and require not very much work. Continue reading

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Uses of olive oil in cosmetics, household and natural remedies

Uses of olive oilExtra virgin olive oil is known basically by its nutritional properties and by its benefits for health; nevertheless, it is also known by its innumerable possibilities in cosmetics, household and natural remedies. These are some of the areas where olive oil plays a very important role. See some examples below:

Uses of olive oil – cosmetics

The extra virgin olive oil is beneficial for nails, it is used as a peeling gel, it can also be used as a shampoo and it is a very good skin moisturizing cream. In fact, there are lots of cosmetic trademarks that exploit oil qualities in their products. However, there is no better option than using the oil in its natural state, without additives, preservatives and chemicals that may interfere in its beneficial action. It is as simple as using the olive oil of our home as the main ingredient of our own elaborated products. We can make our own shampoo, our peeling cream, our moisturizing gel, our makeup remover, our emulsion for shaving, etc. The results will have nothing to envy to the obtained by our usual cosmetic trademark. Continue reading