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Olive Oil for Skin care is the Best

Olive oil for skin is very useful. It is made from olives, by crushing olives and sometimes using mechanical or chemical procedure to take out oil of them.  All over the world olive oil is used for cooking, making cosmetics, soaps etc. Normally oil is harmful for health. But olive oil is just the opposite. Research shows this oil can reduce the threat of coronary heart disease as well as reduce the blood pressure, blood sugar levels. It gains huge popularity because of its beneficial features. It is very much helpful for the skin. It is able to heal, soften, smooth and moisturize your skin without having any side effects. Olive oil for skin is the best possible care.  Olive oil for skin

To make your skin better you can use olive oil in facial masks, facial cleansers or you can blended it in the oil treatments which will moisturize your skin and will remove unwanted scar from your skin. If you regularly apply olive oil for skin on the scar mark that will slowly remove the scar marks. It is very rich with a lot of minerals and vitamins which is very much beneficial for the skin as well as hair. All these features make olive oil for skin care one of the most accepted products.

Olive oil for skin is also helpful to remove itchy or cure irritation. People who are suffering from itchy or any other skin diseases can apply it with neem oil and tea tree oil. The mixture of those three oils is a very good agent to cure itchy or irritated skin. As it is an herbal treatment you have to use it for couple of days then you will get the best result of it. Not only for these things that mixture is very helpful for acne problem, cutting up skin, has insect bitten etc. In a word, this olive oil for skin can be used as home remedy for multipurpose.

Olive oil for skin is also very helpful, which start showing the sign of aging. This oil will help to smooth, flab and improve the texture of your skin. This oil can be used as natural sun protection as it has SPF 2 to 8. Olive oil then protects you from the ultra violet ray which can cause you tumors or skin cancer. Do you understand how much helpful olive oil for skin is?

The cleansing capacity of this oil cannot be ignored. Olive oil for skin has special cleansing process which is calls oil cleansing method in short OCM. This method involves the moistening as well as cleansing the face by using the mixture of castor, extra virgin olive, lavender, and so many other essential oils. Oils are used mostly to moisturize the skin as it is able to heal, soften the skin, penetrate deeply in the skin as well as generate new skin cells. The positive side or the benefits of using olive oil for skin is numerous. You can choose it for betterment of your skin as a very risk free method.

Olive Oil for Fingernails – Why?

Olive oil for fingernails treatment is now a very common term. You can have this treatment for your nails at home. Olive oil is not a recent product. This has been on use for more than thousands of years. The utility of olive oil is a lot. Fortunately you can make food with it, take it directly, use it for the betterment of your nails, hair; skin etc. Olive oil can be directly used on hair, nails or skin. This oil will help you to keep your skin, hair or nails healthier. Olive oil for fingernails is now rapidly used by people.Olive oil for fingernails

To remain fresh and healthy you not only need to care about your skin, hair or other parts fingernails are also very important. Clean and healthy nails are very important to make your hands look better. Most of our women want to have long nails but if those nails don’t have good health that won’t look attractive. More over unhygienic nails will create a lot of diseases. Olive oil for fingernails can be used in many ways to make your nails soft. For the growth of fingernails olive oil is a very good agent.

Olive oil for fingernails should be used knowing the pattern of your nail. There are two types of nails. Like brittle nails and soft nails. Olive oil for fingernails treatment is different for two types of nails. For brittle nails, take olive oil of one fourth cup. Heat the oil. Then let the oil turn cold to warm and then put a Vitamin E capsule into the cup. Then massage that mixture on your nails and cuticles and see the magic!  Olive oil will make your nails strengthen as well as flexible and Vitamin E will help to nourish your nails.

Olive oil for fingernails treatment is different for soft nails. If you want to make your nails hard with the help of olive oil then crush half cup of shelled walnuts, mix those into one table spoon olive oil plus one table spoon castor oil and one table spoon of honey. Then make a paste of those ingredients. Massage that paste on your nails. Keep them some half an hour. Then rinse your hand with warm water. Olive oil for fingernails treatment can be done twice a day and see the result!

Olive oil for fingernails treatment is also helpful to soften cuticle. For this you have to fill a bowl with moderate warm water then give half cup olive oil into that oil. Then drench your hands for ten minutes into that mixture. Then dry out your hands with towel. Olive oil for fingernails treatment will provides you the best result if you apply cuticle cream after drying your hands off. Most of the time women complain that their nails are not growing. Olive oil for fingernails is very helpful for all these types of problems. If you want better growth of your nails then take half cup of tomato juice, mix it with two table spoon olive oil. Then soak your fingers for ten minutes into that mixture, then wash it and dry off your fingers.

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Olive Oil for Hair tips

Are you annoyed by your hair fall problem? Are you one of those persons who have terrible problems with hairs? Do you really understand the beauty and importance of your hairs? If you do then this article can surely help you to solve your problems. The solution is hidden in Olive oil for hair. Olive oil for hair makes your hairs perfect. Olive oil is extracted from olives that belong to Mediterranean Basin. Before learning how to exactly use olive oil for your hairs, let’s understand the potential Olive oil has for hair nourishment.
In order to understand how olive oil for hair prevents the hair loss, let us see the reaolive oil for hairsons of hair loss. People lose hairs, when a hormone called dihydrotestosterone shrinks the hair follicle shaft. Olive oil for hair makes the hormone production more controlled. Moreover, the overall health of the scalp also gets better by Olive oil for hair usage. Healthy scalp means healthy hairs. This is because of the in situ conditioner properties of olive oil to add moisture to the scalp. Olive oil not only has a potential to reduce your hair loss but it also makes your hairs look soft and shiny. Olive oil for hair also has antibacterial and anti-fugal properties. It means it helps you to fight against common scalp and hair problems. For instance, one can resist well against head lice and dandruff by proper use of olive oil on scalp. The bonus point is olive oil is not likely to cause an allergic reaction, making it ideal for sensitive skin and hair.
It is clear that olive oil for hair has a great potential for your hair growth but it is also important to learn the correct methodology in order to increase the efficacy. Indeed olive oil for hair provides the necessary nutrients for your hairs to grow well. The right way is to just pour a small amount of olive oil in your palms and massage it into your scalp, gently, and continue down to the end of your strands. For approximately a half hour after your hair is coated, keep your hair wrapped with a damp towel or shower cap in order to give it time to soak into the scalp and hair itself. Be sure to wash and condition your hair after the treatment as you normally would. In order to make it perfect, here are the few tips that help you to do so:

First tip is to stimulate and soothe your scalp by olive oil hair. Massage your hair and scalp gently and firmly with Olive oil for hair to galvanize and strengthen your hair. In addition, find a shampoo that contains olive oil for hair. Your shampoo selection is important for you hair health and growth. Shampoo enriched with olive oil furnish and replenish your hairs making them look panache. One important tip is to condition your hairs with olive oil treatments. Another thing people do is to use a drop of olive oil to fight the frizz. Put very small amount of olive oil in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and then pass your fingers through your hairs to make them enviably shine.
In short the problem of hair loss, hair thinning, dandruff and the like can easily be cured by adequate use of Olive oil for hair. So what are you waiting for? Start applying the above techniques and use olive oil for hair to replenish your hairs making them invigorate and panache.

Extra virgin olive oil for hair: homemade shampoo recipes and hair growth treatments

Extra virgin olive oil for hairThere are a lot of cosmetics trademarks exploiting extra virgin olive oil qualities in cosmetic products. Many of them use olive oil in hair treatments, shampoos, hair masks and hair conditioners. These products are demanded by customers and are sold out very quickly. Usually, these products are a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and other ingredients such as aloe vera in order to increase hair benefits.

However, for those people interested in creating their homemade cosmetic products, we have written this post to show you some very well-known recipes with very good results. They are very easy to prepare and require not very much work. Continue reading

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Uses of olive oil in cosmetics, household and natural remedies

Uses of olive oilExtra virgin olive oil is known basically by its nutritional properties and by its benefits for health; nevertheless, it is also known by its innumerable possibilities in cosmetics, household and natural remedies. These are some of the areas where olive oil plays a very important role. See some examples below:

Uses of olive oil – cosmetics

The extra virgin olive oil is beneficial for nails, it is used as a peeling gel, it can also be used as a shampoo and it is a very good skin moisturizing cream. In fact, there are lots of cosmetic trademarks that exploit oil qualities in their products. However, there is no better option than using the oil in its natural state, without additives, preservatives and chemicals that may interfere in its beneficial action. It is as simple as using the olive oil of our home as the main ingredient of our own elaborated products. We can make our own shampoo, our peeling cream, our moisturizing gel, our makeup remover, our emulsion for shaving, etc. The results will have nothing to envy to the obtained by our usual cosmetic trademark. Continue reading