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Olive oil does not make us put on weight. Makes us lose it!

Olive oil does not make us put on weightOlive oil does not make us put on weight!!! Some may assure that olive oil makes us put on weight and it is true that the oil has a high content of calories, but that does not necessarily mean that it is going to make us put on weight. In fact, there is no scientific research supporting this. However, there are some reviews in which scientists state that extra virgin olive oil makes us lose weight. Yes, that’s what I’ve written: Extra virgin olive oil makes us lose weight. Continue reading

Uses of olive oil in cosmetics, household and natural remedies

Uses of olive oilExtra virgin olive oil is known basically by its nutritional properties and by its benefits for health; nevertheless, it is also known by its innumerable possibilities in cosmetics, household and natural remedies. These are some of the areas where olive oil plays a very important role. See some examples below:

Uses of olive oil – cosmetics

The extra virgin olive oil is beneficial for nails, it is used as a peeling gel, it can also be used as a shampoo and it is a very good skin moisturizing cream. In fact, there are lots of cosmetic trademarks that exploit oil qualities in their products. However, there is no better option than using the oil in its natural state, without additives, preservatives and chemicals that may interfere in its beneficial action. It is as simple as using the olive oil of our home as the main ingredient of our own elaborated products. We can make our own shampoo, our peeling cream, our moisturizing gel, our makeup remover, our emulsion for shaving, etc. The results will have nothing to envy to the obtained by our usual cosmetic trademark. Continue reading

Is it advisable to use extra virgin olive oil in frying? Definitely, yes

Is it advisable to use extra virgin olive oil in frying

Is it advisable to use extra virgin olive oil in frying?

There is a lot of doubt concerning the use of extra virgin olive oils in cooking. Some state that its consumption may be advisable only as a raw food because oil can lose its properties when heated. Others recommend to use it only as a raw food and to use other oils of less quality when frying, hiding behind the trite “olive oil makes you fat”.

Nothing further from the truth. Extra virgin olive oil is the best option for frying due to its heat resistance, which is better than others’. However, it is important to keep an eye on the heat subjected to oils. It is not recommendable to heat oils until they smoke and it is advisable to maintain temperature under 180ºC. The oil, when heated, does not lose any of its properties and continues to be a food full of healthy and nutritional properties for our body and, definitely, “it does not make us fat”.

It is important to know the role of oil when frying food. When the food is added to a frying pan, the oil creates a thin film around the piece of food that becomes gold and crusty with heat. This thin cover avoids the oil soaking in the food and in this way the nutritional properties of the food are preserved. Continue reading

Extra virgin olive oil types: varieties, tastes, acidity and peroxides

Extra virgin olive oil types

Between high quality extra virgin olive oils, there are many different products which may vary depending on taste, variety, type, acidity and peroxide presence.

Extra virgin olive oil types: Coupage and Monovarietal

The first difference between extra virgin olive oils is related to the type of oil. Coupage is a kind of oil elaborated with the juice of different kind of olives. This mixing of olives is done in order to obtain a special liquid with a very special taste. This olive oil is very exclusive and attractive for consumers and is considered pure traditional craftwork.

The monovarietal oil is a juice carefully obtained from the same kind of olive. It is also very exclusive, for the discerning palate. Continue reading