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Spanish olive oil, main ingredient of Italian olive oil

Spanish olive oil, main ingredient of Italian olive oilLess than a year ago, a surprising article was published causing alarm among the international olive oil sector. A very well known Spanish newspaper brought to light the great swindle of Italian olive oil companies. This swindle prejudices consumers and, above everything, the international vision of Italy as one of the leading countries in Mediterranean products.

It is quite shocking that such a country, with those wide and huge lands and its cultural and gastronomic heritage, is taking a lot of effort in buying Spanish olive oil in bulk in order to label and sell it as if it was Italian oil. After all, Italy is one of the leading Mediterranean countries in a matter of agriculture and gastronomy products. Italy is a country with more than 900.000 hectares dedicated exclusively to olive growing and for this reason this country should invest all of its efforts in exploiting its denomination of origin and compete against Spain for being the highest quality olive oil producer in the world. Continue reading

Importing Spanish olive oil into UK

Importing Spanish olive oil into UK

Spain is the main olive oil producer in the world and also the first of the very best top ten high quality olive oil producers in the world. Companies are recognizing the worth of Spanish oil production and its prestigious products, so that many foreign companies are interested in importing tons of Spanish oil to sell it later in their own countries.

This great idea is fabulous if this is aimed at selling Spanish oil in a non-producer country and not at importing Spanish oil and selling it as if it was from another country. There are several business ideas in UK that have been successful in this sense. This is the case of a Spanish woman who lives in UK and who decided to give everything up and began her own business. Now, she is the manager of a company that imports Spanish virgin olive oil and sells it to restaurants and private customers. So, which are the main steps to take by someone interested in importing Spanish olive oil into UK? Continue reading