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Olive oil lump and its benefits

Olive oil lump Olive oil lump is consisting of olive kernel shield which is crushed in to pieces and the skin as well as the crushed. This olive oil lump consist  of twenty five percent of water and some amount of oil which increase the probability of spoilage of this lump very quickly.  Exhausted and the crude lump is differ in the quantity of oil as well as the percentage of oil. The crudelump consist lower water as it is dehydrated in the time of extraction procedure.

Olive oil lump Olive oil is not a latest item for consumption. This has been using for many years because of its ability to grant mankind with its healthiest features. Olive oil is fatty oil. The fat remain in this oil is called monounsaturated fat which is a friendly fat for human. Like other oil’ fat this is not harmful for the heart. This fat has the ability to change the HDL cholesterol into LDL. And all we know that the HDL cholesterol is harmful for the body and LDL is helpful for body. Another source of LDL is the fat of fish. But if you don’t want to eat fish then may be the great source of LDL cholesterol is olive oil. Unfortunately Regular virgin olive oil is not capable to provide you all these benefits. This is not considered as good olive oil for the human consuming. Not only is the olive oil used for the human now Olive oil lump is mostly used things which are consumed by the people.

Olive oil lump is helpful for our body in many ways. The one of the main thing is the fat amount. The Olive oil lump is very high in the level of fact. This lump is consisting of C16 as well as C18 fatty acid which compose ninety six percent of fat. Oil lump is highly vulnerable with the air as it has orhanoleptic features. The fat which remains in this lump is one of the major sources of energy. So you can take this olive lump with your food and get energy.

The beneficial features of this Olive oil lump are not less than the olive oil. The crude oil lump is considered as the best for using. The quality of the oil lump varies if the olives come from different types of species. There are more than two thousand olives are available in the world. But all these are not high in their quality. So when you want a good quality Olive oil lump then it is better to take good quality olive oil.

As I have mentioned earlier, the Olive oil lump is very much vulnerable with air. It gets rotten very quickly. So if you want to preserve this Olive oil lump you have to maintain some rules which will extent the durability of oil lump. The most important thing to save lump is to keep them away from air and water.

Olive oil Usages: Are you aware?

Olive oil usages are many; you cannot describe that in some words.  Olive oil is not newly made products. It is used by people for many years. Olives are produced all most all the places in the world.  In Spanish there are more than two thousands variety of olives are now available and from them above two hundred are regularly available. Depending on the variety there are wide ranges of olive oil with different level of fragrances and flavors are available. So you get the opportunity to olive oil usages as your choice.

olive oil usages People are now using olive oil not only to make their food more tasty and healthy but also olive oil is now used to keep furniture in good condition, to take care of his or her hair, skin, to take care of baby’s growth etc. The benefits of olive oil are countless so the olive oil usages are also countless. You many know that there are a lot of olive oil is found in the market. All of those are not good in their quality. Spanish olive oil is best for using. This olive oil can be divided in two different patterns as extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and pure olive oil.  If you want to have olive oil usages in your food, skin care, hair care, baby care or even for bath, it is better to use extra virgin olive oil.

olive oil usages Extra virgin olive oil is same as fine wine. This olive oil is extracted from the first press of olives without applying any kind of chemicals or other substance. It is very much fresh. When you use this extra virgin olive oil you will get the fresh aroma as well as color of olives. People now want to have olive oil usages in their day to day life but the using pattern varies a lot as there are different types of olive oils are available. Another important thing which affect on the olive oil usages pattern is the quality. The quality of the olive oil can be measured by the two ways according to the trade standards of olive oil, first one is the acidity evaluation and the second one is taste olive oil.

According to the statement of international olive oil council virgin olive oil will have maximum acidity of two percent and organoleptic features fixed this stander. The extra virgin olive oil will have maximum one percent acidity. The oranoleptic features predetermined in the standards for this type. There are another two types of virgin olive oil one is ordinary virgin olive oil and another is lampante virgin olive oil and those will have maximum three percent and 3.3 percent acidity respectively. This acidity level makes the variety types olive oil usages pattern.

All types’ olive oils are now suitable for cooking or frying or massaging or hair caring etc. So when you will go to olive oil usages in you foods, body, furniture, skin, hair or any other things, be careful about the acidity level.

Lampante olive oil serving technical purposes!

Lampante olive oil is obtained from olives. This is gained only from the fruit of olive trees by using the machine as well as other physical means like the thermal condition which does not change the quality or the features of the Lampante olive oil any way.

Lampante olive oilLampante olive oil is normally undergone with the treatment of decanting, washing, and filtering as well as centrifuging process. This Lampante olive oil is obtained by using the methods of solvents or re-esterification. And after processing this oil those elements get mixed with the oil. All those elements are very much harmful for the health of human. So people avoid this olive oil for their consuming purposes or the external use.

Lampante olive oil consists of oleic acid which is more than 3.3 grams in the one hundred grams of oil. Organoleptic as well as other characteristics are parallel to that fixed for this type in the slandered of IOOC. This lamplnate olive oil is made for technical using purpose.  This olive oil is made from the bad quality olives. And the processing method of this oil is also very poor in their quality. This Lampante olive oil is not fit for the human consumption.

Lampante olive oilOlive oil is not a newly invented product. This has been used for different purposes for many years. The health benefits as well as its features have made olive oil one of the presious and very important oil for the human consumption. People now use olive oil not only to make their foods delicious but also to take care of his or her skin, hair, nails, baby, and furniture and for many reasons. With the help of science now we are getting a lots of types olive oil in the market. Those are mainly categories in extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and the pure olive oil. For the consuming purpose the extra virgin olive oil is the best. Especially the Spanish olive oil is the best choice to make your foods, salads or for other purposes. The virgin olive oil has almost same quality as the extra virgin olive oil. The pure olive is not very high in their quality. It is better to avoid this oil for consuming purpose. Lampante olive oil lies on the category of pure olive oil. And this oil is not fit for consuming. It is used as the fuel of lamp or you can polish your furniture with this oil or you can take care of your stainless still product with this olive oil.

The name of Lampante olive oil is come from as this is use as the fuel for candles or lamps in the past. This olive oil is refined olive oil which consists of different types of health hazards substance. The price of this Lampante olive oil is very low. This has no color, taste or any vitamins or minerals. As the price is very low people tend to buy this olive oil without knowing the negative effect of this olive oil. So first know about olive oil and then use it!

Virgin pure olive oil same as Extra Virgin olive oil?

Virgin pure olive oil is one of the popular types of olive oil which is being used for many years. The quality of virgin pure olive oil is almost similar to the extra virgin olive oil. This virgin olive oil contains oleic acid of 3.3 percent in the 100 grams of olives. This oil is normally use for cooking, frying etc. The characteristics of this oil are very helpful for the care of skin. This oil can moisturize skin properly.

Virgin pure olive oil contains a lot of essential oil because of its lubricity. Olive oil is now using in making soap, shampoo, lotions, face powder, lipsticks, hair color, and even to make anti wrinkle creams. So you can now understand how much virgin olive oil can take care of your skin. Normally it has been used for conditioning, hair caring etc. If you are suffering from inflamed or irritated skin then you can choose virgin pure olive oil for you. This oil is one of the great treatments of dandruff and also even help to get rid of from lice.

Virgin pure olive oil will moisturize your skin properly and will help you to get rid of itching. It is really an excellent ingredient to take care of your skin. This virgin pure olive oil is also using to make slave, infusion and suppositories also. This oil has the ingredient which helps to synthesis the collagen, proteoglycans, elastin as well as glycoprotiens. Virgin oil often use for massaging as it is heavy, best blended with the lighter vegetable oil. Virgin pure olive oil enrich with chorophy11, minerals, protein, essential fatty acids as well as vitamins which contribute a lot to enrich your skin properly.Virgin Pure Olive Oil

Virgin pure olive oil can be applied directly on the skin or even you can take it directly. Mediterranean olive oil diet is one of the best examples to take olive oil directly. Olive oil will care your skin, hair etc even you eat it with your foods. Olive oil Mediterranean diet has been playing an important role for occurring low record of heart disease among the people of Mediterranean. It is said that the olive oil Mediterranean diet is able to prevent the damage of arteries. Olive oil can reverse the high level of cholesterol in blood and lowers the level of high blood pressure. So this can make you free from the tendency of pure olive oil

The importance of virgin pure olive oil is very much. This is that type of oil which you can take or even apply on your body. Olive oil body massaging is very helpful for baby’s growth. If you apply olive oil on the baby’s body then you may see that your baby is developing quickly. Olive oil contains some preservative ingredients which will keep your baby safe from any kind of skin diseases. And for this massaging the virgin pure olive oil is best as it is made of without applying any kind of chemicals. Spanish virgin pure olive oil is best for using. Choose your Spanish olive oil according to your choice and get healthy skin and body.

Picual olive oil – A wise Choice

Picual olive oilPicual olive oil is one of the best oil produced in Spain. In Spain there are more than 262 types of olives are cultivated. 24 types are produced regularly. All 262 types of olives are categorized into four types they are principal, dispersed, secondary and local. The picual olive oil is one of the most important types of olive oil.

More than fifty percent of olives produced in Spain are picual olives and in the world more than twenty percent olives are picual olives. So you can now understand how much important or popular the picula olives or the picual olive oil is. Though picual olives are now produced all over the world. The production of olives normally concentrated in the jaen as well as its neighboring areas. The size of the picual olives varies. It normally sizes medium to the large. The weight of this picual olive is 2.1 and 3.7 grams. The average weight of this type of olive is 3.2 grams. Producing picual olives are very profitable because the flesh to stone ration of this olive is 5:6. The picual olives become mature between the starting of the December and the mid of the December.

 Picual olive oil

Picual olive oil is very high in their quality. This picual olive oil becomes very popular because it contains fatty acid and antioxidants. This picual olive oil normally contains eighty percent monounsaturated oleic acid. This acid is very important for the prevention of the cardiovascular diseases. This olive oil also contains linoleic acid which is very harmful for health. But you don’t need to be worried. This oil contains only four percent linoleic acid, only the excess amount is harmful for health. So you can use this oil without any tension.

This picual olive oil taste slightly bitter has a little sent of wood. The picual olives are normally cultivate in the mountains areas so picual olive oil has a tendency to have more fresh flavor and sweeter than other olive oils. You can use this picual olive oil for different purposes. Normally people use picual olive oil for frying purpose and it is also good for making gazpachos, salads and souses. This oil can be used instead of the vinegars.  You can make appetizer with this picual olive oil. shake over some grated cheeses with some spices and use that as the dipper for crispy bread which is fried with picual olive oil. After making it you will get the sweet flavor of picual olive oil from your appetizer.

For different purposes we are now highly depend on the olive oil. In our daily life we are using olive oil. from cooking, massaging, for skin care, hair care, for baby care, for polishing furniture and for so many works we are using olive oil. You will get the best result if you use the best quality olive oil. There are a lot of olive oils available in the market. Choose the best one to have the perfect result. Picual olive oil is highly used and popular olive oil. If you want to use olive oil for your foods and want the great result then you can take picula olive oil without any hesitation.

Olive oil Mediterranean diet – Why?

Olive oil Mediterranean diet plays one of the major roles in preventing heart disease. Mediterranean people have more healthy and long life than the other people in the world as they mostly associated with the genuine Mediterranean diet which is very highly consist of low animal products. This is their traditional diet. This diet is rich with the huge amount of olives as well as olive oil. Olive oil Mediterranean diet is the main source as well as the primary base of all cuisine of Mediterranean.  Olive oil Mediterranean diet

Olive oil Mediterranean diet has been playing an important role for occurring low record of heart disease among the people of Mediterranean. Research has said that the olive oil Mediterranean diet is able to prevent the damage of arteries. The olive oil reverses the high level of cholesterol in blood and lowers the level of high blood pressure. So if you follow olive oil Mediterranean diet plan you will be free from the risk of stroke.

You may think that why you should choose olive oil to have Mediterranean diet. This oil is very much helpful for our health. To have olive oil Mediterranean diet plan you should use extra virgin olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil is one of the great sources of monounsaturated fat. Olive oil contains fat, but monounsaturated fat is not harmful for our health. The monounsaturated fat does not get jammed in the arteries so there are no chances that your heart will get blocked with fat. Extra virgin olive oil is much expensive than the other virgin or pure oil because the extra virgin olive oil produced without mixing any chemical. And the oil is extracted with the first pressed, so the amount of the oil extracted is also low. These two reasons make this extra virgin olive oil more expensive.

If you want to have healthier like the Mediterranean people you should use extra virgin olive oil in the olive oil Mediterranean diet because this oil contains vitamin E or the alpha-tocopherol. The tocopherol is the highest level of antioxidant which works against the oxidation in the cell membranes. It is proved that those people have lower level of vitamin E in their blood they are in more risk of damaging the arteries than those people who have adequate amount of vitamin E in their body. You may know that one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil contains 1.6 mg of vitamin E on condition that eight to fifteen percent of the daily intake which is recommended. So I think you can now understand why extra virgin olive oil for making olive oil Mediterranean diet.

Despite having higher cost you should use extra virgin olive oil for making olive oil Mediterranean diet, as this oil is free from any chemicals and it also contains more anti oxidants. Spain is best for producing olive oil. Olive oil produced by them ranking the first position. So if you want to have olive oil Mediterranean diet then chooses olive oil produced in Spain. The quality of that olive oil is much higher.

Store olive oil correctly – How?

Store olive oil is one of the important things to have great quality olive oil. How the producer store olive oil after extraction oil from olives plays a major role to determine the quality of olive oil. Olive oil has a very high level of monounsaturated fat which gives this oil longer capacity to be stored. But the important thing is you have to store olive oil properly.  Naturally oils are very much fragile in their nature so that you have to treat oil more gently to save their all the healthful substances as well as keep them safe from all the harmful factors.  Store olive oil

To store olive oil you have to choose some type of location which is free from heat, light or air. All these three things are enemies of oil. Heat, light or air influences to generate a radical which ultimately lead to extreme oxidantion and rancidity in the olive oil and that makes the taste of oils bad. In some extreme cases the oxidation and free radicals may cause you the heart disease or even cancer. So to store olive oil properly is very important factor. Even you may know that rancidity even ser prior to taste or smell olive oil. Rotten olive oil may harm your cells and also consume the valuable antioxidants. Although rancid olive oil won’t pose direct health risk at the time you consume but it is better to consume less. If you can, it will be better to buy a new bottle of olive oil.

You may now want to know that which will be the best container to store olive oil. No need to be worried. Containers won’t because you much cost to store olive oil.  Tines glass or nonreactive metal like steel can be an ideal solution. Just when you store olive oil in those keep them away from light, heat or air. It is better to avoid metal made containers like iron, copper because those metals may cause chemical reactions with olive oils and can make olive oil toxic. Copper or iron is able to produce poisonous compounds. It is also better to avoid plastic containers also. Olive oil observes the noxious ingredients from plastic like polyvinyl chlorides (PVC). And to store olive oil you should have a tight cap to keep your olive oil away from air.

Temperature is also an important factor to store olive oil properly.  High temperature may degrade the quality of olive oil. It is said by the experts that if you store olive oil at fifty seven degrees Fahrenheit your olive oil will be remain safe. The maximum amount can’t be seventy degree Fahrenheit. But if you want to keep your olive oil for longer period then it is better to refrigerate it. You can refrigerate all types of olive oil but only except premium extra virgin olive oil.

There are other so many rules to store olive oil properly. You can take the advice from the expert one. It is always better not to store olive oil more than one year after producing. As it is one kind of food ingredients so the longer you store olive oil it the more the quality of the oil will degrade.

Olive Oil for baby’s Development

Olive oil for baby is now very common. Mother’s of all around the world are now using the olive oil for baby to have better development. Olive oil plays an important role for the physical development of baby. Olive oil has high level of antioxidant which helps to prevent the growth of all the harmful substance in baby’s body. The fatty acid of olive oil is very important for the health of baby, because they help the hormones and cell membrane to develop.  Olive oil for baby

The use of olive oil for baby should be started in the time of pregnancy. If mother consume olive oil in the time of her pregnancy then there is every chance that the mother will have a healthier child. Olive oil has linoleic acid which is one of the best foods for the newborn baby as well as growing child. Deficiency of linoleic acid will cause retardation as well as many skin problems. So if you want to save your child from these diseases then you should use olive oil for baby.

Extra virgin olive oil is very helpful for the development of baby. This type of olive oil contains polyunsaturated fats. That fat also exists in human milk. So like human milk extra virgin oil can be a good source of acids which is very important for the growth of baby. If you want to provide your baby polyunsaturated fats to your baby then use olive oil for baby.

The most important factor of using olive oil is this contributes a lot for the development of baby’s nervous system as well as brain. Mothers are recommended to use only olive oil for baby by the doctors as well as experts for the growth of baby. Olive oil in very rich in vitamins A, E as well as K. all these are very important for the development of the bones of baby’s as well as maintain the strength of the bones. Olive oil is also helpful to produce calcium in the bones and it also helpful to prevent calcium loss from the bone. The more mother will take olive oil the bones of the baby will be much stronger. The vitamin E is one of the important ingredients for the growth of fetus and this lasts further that pregnancy. At the time of pregnancy vitamin E is considered as the blood of mother.  Vitamin E is very helpful for the breast glands of mothers.  I think you can understand now how much important this olive oil for baby.

The importance of olive oil for baby is tremendous. You may know that the researchers of the France say that this olive oil can help your baby’s growth and afterward in the adulthood olive oil also prevent calcium loss. In some place when a baby born a tree of olive is planned. So that olive tree can provide the olive oil in the life time of the baby. There is a lot of olive oil available in the market. Use the best olive oil for your baby. Like Rincon de la Subbetica, Venta el Baron, Aldea Don Gil, Melgarejo Seleccion Gourmet, Fuenroble, etc. Use olive oil for baby and keep your beloved one from diseases.

Olive Oil Shaving Cream

Olive oil shaving cream is one of the efficient ingredients for having smoothie as well as clean shaving. If you are searching for a very deep nourishing and hydrating cream for your shave then use olive oil shaving cream. This is really an outstanding lubricant for shaving. Olive oil shaving cream works as skin protector as well as provides moisturizer for skin.Olive oil shaving cream

You may think that how Olive oil can be shaving cream. Olive oil shaving cream actually is not an ordinary cream. It is oil. Even though, having mainly oil ingredient will not detract olive oil shaving cream from its efficacy. Olive oil mainly works as nourishing complement which helps to replenish as well as conditioning the skin without taking away natural oils from skin.  Olive oil shaving cream will make your skin softer, smoother without any creating dryness or flakiness on your skin. This olive oil shaving cream is a natural remedy for anti aging. Don’t you want all these benefits?

Olive oil shaving cream works as a lubricant. Olive oil shaving cream helps the razor to slide smoothly on the skin at the time of shaving. So the possibility of cutting or scratching your skin gets reduced. If you want more smoothly shaving you can add some olive oil with your razor. Most of us are now using electronic razor to save our time. This is an environment friendly device. This device needs extra care than the ordinary one. In this case olive oil will help you to keep your electric razor in a good working position. Choose the olive oil category first. Not all the olive oils are same. Some types of olive oil is only for cooking purpose some others using as lubricant. Try to use the virgin olive oil only for your razor, use specially the extra virgin as the other types of olive oils are going through many types of chemical procedures as a result they don’t remain 100% organic.

Water is one of the major components of most of the shaving creams. But it damages the quality of the razor. Olive oil shaving cream is not harmful for the razor. Water damages the blades, makes blades dull as well as rust and makes the life of razor’s blades shorter. In this case olive oil is helpful. Olive oil shaving cream will not only help you to have a smoother shave but also help you to keep your blades in a good position. This cream will lubricate your blades as a result hair will be wiped away properly. You can also use some olive oil after shaving on blades. That will keep your razor in good condition as well as ready for shaving next time.

Olive oil shaving cream will help you to keep your skin as well as your razor smooth. Olive oil shaving cream will provide you the best shaving experience but having more benefits you can rub some extra olive oil virgin type after shaving on your skin. Virgin oil will keep your skin healthy.

Olive Oil for Fingernails – Why?

Olive oil for fingernails treatment is now a very common term. You can have this treatment for your nails at home. Olive oil is not a recent product. This has been on use for more than thousands of years. The utility of olive oil is a lot. Fortunately you can make food with it, take it directly, use it for the betterment of your nails, hair; skin etc. Olive oil can be directly used on hair, nails or skin. This oil will help you to keep your skin, hair or nails healthier. Olive oil for fingernails is now rapidly used by people.Olive oil for fingernails

To remain fresh and healthy you not only need to care about your skin, hair or other parts fingernails are also very important. Clean and healthy nails are very important to make your hands look better. Most of our women want to have long nails but if those nails don’t have good health that won’t look attractive. More over unhygienic nails will create a lot of diseases. Olive oil for fingernails can be used in many ways to make your nails soft. For the growth of fingernails olive oil is a very good agent.

Olive oil for fingernails should be used knowing the pattern of your nail. There are two types of nails. Like brittle nails and soft nails. Olive oil for fingernails treatment is different for two types of nails. For brittle nails, take olive oil of one fourth cup. Heat the oil. Then let the oil turn cold to warm and then put a Vitamin E capsule into the cup. Then massage that mixture on your nails and cuticles and see the magic!  Olive oil will make your nails strengthen as well as flexible and Vitamin E will help to nourish your nails.

Olive oil for fingernails treatment is different for soft nails. If you want to make your nails hard with the help of olive oil then crush half cup of shelled walnuts, mix those into one table spoon olive oil plus one table spoon castor oil and one table spoon of honey. Then make a paste of those ingredients. Massage that paste on your nails. Keep them some half an hour. Then rinse your hand with warm water. Olive oil for fingernails treatment can be done twice a day and see the result!

Olive oil for fingernails treatment is also helpful to soften cuticle. For this you have to fill a bowl with moderate warm water then give half cup olive oil into that oil. Then drench your hands for ten minutes into that mixture. Then dry out your hands with towel. Olive oil for fingernails treatment will provides you the best result if you apply cuticle cream after drying your hands off. Most of the time women complain that their nails are not growing. Olive oil for fingernails is very helpful for all these types of problems. If you want better growth of your nails then take half cup of tomato juice, mix it with two table spoon olive oil. Then soak your fingers for ten minutes into that mixture, then wash it and dry off your fingers.

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