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Olive Oil Recipes for Your Perfect Diet

Olive oil recipesOlive oil recipes are good for your health. We all know that Italy is one of the superior olive oil producing country along with Greece as well as Spain. Olive oil recipes are not only producing in these country, but also there are many other Mediterranean region which country also produce olive oil. Olive trees need fertilizer seasonally. Because of the availability food with olive oil recipes are very common. The olive oil recipes contain higher food value. The olive belongs to the tree of oleaceae type which is one of the oldest trees.

Making food which contains olive oil recipes is very common in Italy. You may know that Italians are very famous for making delicious pasta as well as gourmets. And without having olive oil in pasta or gourmets your food won’t be delicious. Because of that, Italians always keep olive oil recipes when they make pasta or gourmets. Olive oil is not only helpful to make food delicious it also helpful for health. Olive oil is the only oil which you can take without any health vulnerability. Europeans are very much health conscious so that most of their food contains olive oil.

Making food is not very hard. After all cooking is an art. The more you will be creative the more you will be able to make delicious food. You only need to use your creativity.  Mostly we cook for our family, friends or for ourselves. So you should be very careful not only the test of the food but also the food quality. To make food with higher food value you can choose olive oil recipes. Instead of using other oil for your food it is better to use olive oil recipes.

To make the perfect dish with olive oil recipes you only have to use olive oil into your food. Food with olive oil recipes will not make you fat. It will not create any another diseases like heart blocking. There are a lot of Italian foods which you can make with olive oil. For instance garden gazpacho, steak fra diavalo, mango salsa, bruschetta, stuffed baked spring pasta, cortette pasta, basil chicken, fusilli arrabiata, Italian sausage, and osemary chicken. All these foods will be delicious if you use olive oil recipes to cook them.

These olive oil recipesare not only useful for making that Italian food you can also use them for making salads, vinaigrettes, and dressings.  With the help of olive oil recipes you will be able to make sandwich without using butter or any other oil which is harmful for your health. This is not only helpful for health but also delicious. More than olive oil helps to gain healthy skin avoid colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, hearing problems as well as gall stones. Olive oil is also helpful for those people who have blood pressure. If you have hair falling problem you can try olive oil for massaging you scalp. In one word olive oil is not only helpful for making delicious foods but also helpful for our health. It takes total care of our body.

Olive Oil for Hair Growth in Women and Men

olive oil for hairIn these days, women and men are now suffering from continuing hair loss problem. To get rid out of this problem they are looking for frequently natural ingredients for hair loss solution. You can use olive oil for hair. It is one of the best remedies for your hair loss. This olive oil for hair is helpful for the both for thinning areas and balding spot on your scalp.

For centuries the olive oil is used to make food. Now people use olive oil for hair loss problem. Olive oil contains a high level of benefits like monounsaturated fat, anti fungal properties as well as antibacterial. Olive oil has the natural capability to amplify the level of good cholesterol in body and at the same time it can reduce the level of bad cholesterol. Taking olive oil is not only advantageous for the internal organ of your body this natural organic olive oil is also tremendously supportive for your skin and hair texture and quality. So people now use olive oil for hair growth and quality.

People use olive oil for hair because it contains a lot of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins. This oil has the capability to maintain  the growth of your hair and this oil also acts like a barrier between the ultraviolet ray  of sun and the any other damaging agents which may cause hair damage or hair fall. If you use olive oil for hair then the hair growth elasticity in each filament will increase which prevents hair form breaking off or drying out.

If you massage olive oil for hair regularly on your scalp it will reduce the tenderness and will eliminate the growth of fungal and bacteria. Not only these massaging olive oil with your finger that will increase the blood circulation and deliver the needed nutrients to the every follicle on your scalp. Massage of olive oil for hair is needed for healthy hair. This is used for both hair growth as well as conditioning hair.  At the time you finished the massaging your scalp then cover scalp with a simple plastic cap. If you cover your scalps with the plastic cover that will seal heat generated from your head and trigger the olive oil capability to saturate into the hair strands. Keep the plastic cover for at least one hour before washing the scalp.

If you face blade spot or thinning your hair problem try to take steps as soon as possible. The clinical research shows that the more quickly you will take prevention steps there is more chances that you will be able to regain you hair. And for this treatment herbal ingredients are best. The most positive side of these ingredients is they don’t have any side effects. If you choose olive oil for hair you will find positive result very quickly. It is one of the best herbal ingredients for your hair growth as well as hair fall. Men and women both take massage of olive oil for hair for their hair falling solution.

Olive Oil for Hair tips

Are you annoyed by your hair fall problem? Are you one of those persons who have terrible problems with hairs? Do you really understand the beauty and importance of your hairs? If you do then this article can surely help you to solve your problems. The solution is hidden in Olive oil for hair. Olive oil for hair makes your hairs perfect. Olive oil is extracted from olives that belong to Mediterranean Basin. Before learning how to exactly use olive oil for your hairs, let’s understand the potential Olive oil has for hair nourishment.
In order to understand how olive oil for hair prevents the hair loss, let us see the reaolive oil for hairsons of hair loss. People lose hairs, when a hormone called dihydrotestosterone shrinks the hair follicle shaft. Olive oil for hair makes the hormone production more controlled. Moreover, the overall health of the scalp also gets better by Olive oil for hair usage. Healthy scalp means healthy hairs. This is because of the in situ conditioner properties of olive oil to add moisture to the scalp. Olive oil not only has a potential to reduce your hair loss but it also makes your hairs look soft and shiny. Olive oil for hair also has antibacterial and anti-fugal properties. It means it helps you to fight against common scalp and hair problems. For instance, one can resist well against head lice and dandruff by proper use of olive oil on scalp. The bonus point is olive oil is not likely to cause an allergic reaction, making it ideal for sensitive skin and hair.
It is clear that olive oil for hair has a great potential for your hair growth but it is also important to learn the correct methodology in order to increase the efficacy. Indeed olive oil for hair provides the necessary nutrients for your hairs to grow well. The right way is to just pour a small amount of olive oil in your palms and massage it into your scalp, gently, and continue down to the end of your strands. For approximately a half hour after your hair is coated, keep your hair wrapped with a damp towel or shower cap in order to give it time to soak into the scalp and hair itself. Be sure to wash and condition your hair after the treatment as you normally would. In order to make it perfect, here are the few tips that help you to do so:

First tip is to stimulate and soothe your scalp by olive oil hair. Massage your hair and scalp gently and firmly with Olive oil for hair to galvanize and strengthen your hair. In addition, find a shampoo that contains olive oil for hair. Your shampoo selection is important for you hair health and growth. Shampoo enriched with olive oil furnish and replenish your hairs making them look panache. One important tip is to condition your hairs with olive oil treatments. Another thing people do is to use a drop of olive oil to fight the frizz. Put very small amount of olive oil in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and then pass your fingers through your hairs to make them enviably shine.
In short the problem of hair loss, hair thinning, dandruff and the like can easily be cured by adequate use of Olive oil for hair. So what are you waiting for? Start applying the above techniques and use olive oil for hair to replenish your hairs making them invigorate and panache.

Olive oil sprayer, a new presentation for the olive oil market

Olive oil sprayer. You can use olive oil and control calorie proportion easily: comfort, health and good taste

olivia09-cookingOlive oil sprayer as a new presentation option constitutes one of the recent innovations in the olive oil market. You may think this new format is just a detail with no further significance, but the fact is that it allows us to control the calories included in each recipe, not to forget its comfort and the appearance it gives to salads and other gastronomy specialties.

According to experts, using an olive oil sprayer is helpful to find out the olive oil benefits with no extra fat, sice the amount of product you use is always reduced to the minimal extent. To this respect, when some olive oil is sprayed on a frying pan or a plate base, the meals added onto them will become tasty in a really special sense, but the calorie content will not be increased.

Olive oil sprayer for dressing and frying

Indeed, light olive oil is arranged just by resorting to an olive oil sprayer. This presentation option can be directly found in stores and specialised shops. However, you can also buy the olive oil dispenser in the format you prefer and fill it with the golden liquid. Anyway, whatever you choose instead of the typical olive oil bottle, the result will entail a high quality product applied in the proper amount.

Of course, using an olive oil sprayer on your favourite meals is beneficial for your health and comfortable in your daily routine, for example to dress a salad or for grilled meals. Therefore, cooking with olive oil is both a healthy possibility and a tasty choice.

Olive oil health benefits dispensed every day

From psychological viewpoint, using an olive oil sprayer is like dispensing health every day. Under the last studies we know that olive oil, and especially extra virgin olive oil, is considered to be one of the star products included in the Meditarranean diet. In this sense, it constitutes one of the main sources of antioxidants, vitamin E and oleic acid.

Consequently, if you use an olive oil dispenser, you will be able to control the amount of fat included in your diet, taking into account it is compounded by a vegetable oil scientifically conceived as a monoinsaturated fatty acid.

Olive oil sprayer as a health counter

Definitely, the new presentation in the form of olive oil sprayer can be considered as a kind of health counter, as the controlling device will be in your hands. Nevertheless, don’t give up enjoying the authentic olive oil flavour. Use an olive oil sprayer. It’s your right, it’s your taste pleasure.




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Buy extra virgin olive oil if you want a perfect health!

Buy extra virgin olive oil if your health is a priority , your heart and your taste will thank you

 olivia02-doctor       Maybe you could think the previous statement is just a slogan promoted by an olive oil production company, but it is a proven fact according to the experts. Anyway, if you take the golden liquid once, you are supposed to carry on using it in your recipes and meals, probably due to its special taste and aroma. However, you may think that you cannot buy extra virgin olive oil as easily as you would like; hence this article to help you in your pilgrimage to health.

Indeed, olive oil market is being expanded all over the world, but until very recently many consumers found it difficult to buy extra virgin olive oil in some areas. In this sense, it is important to remember that most of the Mediterranean diet recipes include this product, although extra virgin olive oil benefits are recognized  eveywhere.

Available, wherever you live

Imagine you are not used to selecting this product for your shopping list or you cannot find it at the supermarket. Do not worry, because this circumstance is about to change. In fact, if you do not live in a Mediterranean country, you can buy extra virgin olive oil too. Oil producers have realized that new technologies constitute a possibility for them to market and share their treasure: liquid health. So just use your computer and help your body. Continue reading

Recommended quantity of extra virgin olive oil in our diet


The recommended quantity of extra virgin olive oil in our diet is a matter that concerns nutritionists, dieticians and consumers. It is known that evoo has multiple beneficial properties for health, but yet it is not determined which the recommended quantity of extra virgin olive oil in our diet is.

It is known that evoo is beneficial, but it is clear that an excess could be counter-productive. There are several theses in this respect; the most supported one by nutritionists and dieticians is that the recommended quantity of extra virgin olive oil in our diet should not exceeded three tablespoons per day.

Recommended quantity of extra virgin olive oil in our diet

This does not mean that we should consume those three tablespoons as a row ingredient. It is supposed that also the evoo used for cooking counts. Although three tablespoons are recommended, this does not mean that if we decide to reasonably increase that quantity, it is going to hurt us. There is no problem if instead of consuming three tablespoons we consume four. The  evoo is very beneficial and there is no problem unless we exceed the quantity of six tablespoons. Then, the damage caused by the exceeding might appear. Continue reading

Olive oil does not make us put on weight. Makes us lose it!

Olive oil does not make us put on weightOlive oil does not make us put on weight!!! Some may assure that olive oil makes us put on weight and it is true that the oil has a high content of calories, but that does not necessarily mean that it is going to make us put on weight. In fact, there is no scientific research supporting this. However, there are some reviews in which scientists state that extra virgin olive oil makes us lose weight. Yes, that’s what I’ve written: Extra virgin olive oil makes us lose weight. Continue reading

Uses of olive oil in cosmetics, household and natural remedies

Uses of olive oilExtra virgin olive oil is known basically by its nutritional properties and by its benefits for health; nevertheless, it is also known by its innumerable possibilities in cosmetics, household and natural remedies. These are some of the areas where olive oil plays a very important role. See some examples below:

Uses of olive oil – cosmetics

The extra virgin olive oil is beneficial for nails, it is used as a peeling gel, it can also be used as a shampoo and it is a very good skin moisturizing cream. In fact, there are lots of cosmetic trademarks that exploit oil qualities in their products. However, there is no better option than using the oil in its natural state, without additives, preservatives and chemicals that may interfere in its beneficial action. It is as simple as using the olive oil of our home as the main ingredient of our own elaborated products. We can make our own shampoo, our peeling cream, our moisturizing gel, our makeup remover, our emulsion for shaving, etc. The results will have nothing to envy to the obtained by our usual cosmetic trademark. Continue reading

Is it advisable to use extra virgin olive oil in frying? Definitely, yes

Is it advisable to use extra virgin olive oil in frying

Is it advisable to use extra virgin olive oil in frying?

There is a lot of doubt concerning the use of extra virgin olive oils in cooking. Some state that its consumption may be advisable only as a raw food because oil can lose its properties when heated. Others recommend to use it only as a raw food and to use other oils of less quality when frying, hiding behind the trite “olive oil makes you fat”.

Nothing further from the truth. Extra virgin olive oil is the best option for frying due to its heat resistance, which is better than others’. However, it is important to keep an eye on the heat subjected to oils. It is not recommendable to heat oils until they smoke and it is advisable to maintain temperature under 180ºC. The oil, when heated, does not lose any of its properties and continues to be a food full of healthy and nutritional properties for our body and, definitely, “it does not make us fat”.

It is important to know the role of oil when frying food. When the food is added to a frying pan, the oil creates a thin film around the piece of food that becomes gold and crusty with heat. This thin cover avoids the oil soaking in the food and in this way the nutritional properties of the food are preserved. Continue reading

Acidity levels in good olive oils

Acidity levels in good olive oils

Acidity levels in good olive oils:

A couple of days ago I wrote an article about the benefits of oleic acid, a fatty acid present in the triglycerides of olive oil. Today I am going to explain the different grades of acidity in olive oils, what that grade of acidity means and which levels correspond to best oils.

With this aim, it is important to analyze the features and qualities of the most important fatty acids that form the triglycerides of olive oil: oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids. The oleic acid is a fatty acid present in a very high proportion in olive oils; nearly the 75% of its composition. Decreasingly, in a second place, the linoleic acid is in between 3.5%-21%. As in the case of the oleic acid, our body is not able to synthesize it; therefore, its consumption is necessary and beneficial. Continue reading

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