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Early harvest olive oil: taste the best one

Early harvest olive oil, yes it is not a recent product. Olive oil has been used for more than thousand years because of its usefulness. Olive oil has a lot of benefits which enrich the man kind from different perspective every day. Becoming an Early harvest olive oil makes it place in our kitchen for making different kinds of foods, home for polishing our furniture, massaging our body etc. the olives reach their full size in the time of fall and don’t ripe fully until it is the late winter. The green olives are bitterer to taste and contain less oil. These green olives possess high level of polyphenols. The oil from these green olives is more costly because it takes more olives to get oil. Most of the people like the taste of early harvest olive oil. Early harvest olive oil is green, bitterer to taste and have more fragrance.

early harvest olive oil

The chlorophyll that is contained in the unripe olives is also highly rich in the natural antioxidants. The taste will be a bit bitter but spicy due to the high concentration of polyphenols and anti-oxidants. The oil would be more expensive owing to the requirement of more olives for preparing a bottle of oil. However, certainly preference of everyone is not same. Everyone will not like the peppery and bitter taste of first harvest olive oil. Flavour notes of grass, green, green leaf, pungent, and astringent are used to describe first harvest olive oil.

The olives are exclusively collected by hand so that the olives are not injured during harvesting. They call it Olive Oil from first harvest olive, when olives are picked in October instead of November or December.

There is lots of early harvest olive oil available in the market. Many countries are now producing this olive oil now a day. Above all those countries the Spain are topper. Most of the people like the flavor of early harvest olive oil. It is rich in health benefits which lead a long and sound life. Most like the wine, the climate, region and a lot of other factors helps Spain to produce the great quality olives oil. Spain weather influences the production of the olives oil.

There are a lot of factors which determine the flavor of early harvest olive oil.  Though olive trees produce crops for more than a few months, the time is a very important factor to determine the flavor of early harvest olive oil. The earlier the olives those are bitterer with strong flavor. The later the olives those are milder as well as buttery. The mature green olives are those which are harvested in the time of fall that produce a sharp flavor, more peppery, woody or grassy. Those are harvested in the early winter are ripe has smother taste than the green one.

The processing process also affects the flavor of early harvest olive oil. The processing process is very important factor. How the olives are handled after harvesting place an important role in the taste of early harvest olive oil.  Normally fruits are cursed after picking up. Then they are placed into a mask which is packed and then that is pressed to extract oil from them. This separated oil is left over three to six months. The longer the process of aging the taste of the oil will be less bitter.

There is special process which help the Spanish olive oil company to intact the flavor of early harvest olive oil. You may notice that the flavor of olive oil goes as the time goes by. To preserve the flavor of Spanish early harvest olive oil tries to store the oil in a dry, cool and dark place like pantry or cupboard. Light and heat is responsible to degrade the quality and flavor of early harvest olive oil.

Castillo de Canena have one of the best early harvest olive oil