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What is extra virgin olive oil? Top ten for a healthy diet

What is extra virgin olive oil? This is a top ten product, an essential element for the Mediterranean diet and a basic ingredient for your health.

What is extra virgin olive oil? This is a question that maybe some of you have asked when referring to the ideal ingredient for salads or toast, but really not everybody in the world has a clear idea about this product’s composition or benefits. Evoo is the base for the Mediterranean diet and a clear example of health presented as golden liquid.What is extra virgin olive oil

Anyway, if you ask this question, what is extra virgin olive oil? anywhere in Spain, probably everybody will give a quite accurate answer, as it is a really well-known and popular product here. However, in some other countries this concept could be simply enigmatic. Extra virgin olive oil or Evoo, to be short, is a high-quality vegetable oil whose antioxidant proportion makes it the king of Mediterranean diet and the prince of the Spanish most ancestral traditions in gastronomy.

Which is the difference between ordinary olive oil, virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil? Of course, quality, as usual. Particularly, what is extra virgin olive oil? It is the olive oil attaining the best quality standards in this area, not just concerning composition and taste, but also regarding acidity and health benefits. In this sense, it is important to remember that Evoo is produced by using perfect maturity status olives, whose properties are the best among the best.

On the other hand, one of the commonest aspects being ascribed to Evoo is its exclusive character and its expensive price. Nevertheless, we are not used to comparing the real quality and this product’s price. So for the question what is extra virgin olive oil? some consumers provide a fixed reply: this is the type of vegetable oil I cannot afford. To this respect, some tests can be done to find a counterpart for such a common prejudice.

Evoo’s composition allows its properties to remain intact in spite of frying, grilling or baking processes. In fact, it doesn’t break down as easily as other oils, not to forget its texture and taste. So what is extra virgin olive oil? It is a mixture of special touch and magic flavour that make you save money and health.

Moreover, what is extra virgin olive oil from commercial viewpoint? It is the product you will start to find at all the supermarkets around the world, since it is the star product providing oleic acid, phenols and vitamin E whose consumption entails a direct positive effect against oxidation rate.

Concerning its health benefits, what is extra virgin olive oil and why is it so positive? No doubt, it is a key product, as it involves low-density lipoprotein levels, that is a notable decrease in oxidation. Therefore, it is a kind of preventive value tool.

In conclusion, what is extra virgin olive oil? The secret of ethernal youth for human cells and the best option for all kinds of recipes. And what is extra virgin olive oil for the Spanish culture? Its both, an emblem and a heritage.